Wolff: Even if I leave, the team will continue to win

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Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff praised Lewis Hamilton’s accomplishments and assured them that they would have the opportunity to celebrate their victory and their seventh title on their way to the UK from Turkey..

Q: You went up to the podium to congratulate Lewis, so you are covered with confetti from head to toe, but this hardly bothers you now. Congratulations again!
Toto Wolff: Yes, confetti is a new style for next year!

Question: What a race! At first, Lewis lost 20 seconds to the leader, and then won with an advantage of more than half a minute!
Toto Wolff: Yes, and this suggests that he is able to cope with the situation, even if at first the circumstances were against him. That is what worked today.

Q: Lewis often praises you as a good leader, but he also played a very important role in your life …
Toto Wolff: We have a great relationship that has developed over the years, and our team fully supports him, but he pays the team the same. First of all, this manifests itself on such days when we face difficulties, but in spite of everything, he still managed to achieve success.

Q: A couple of weeks ago you said that you are going to remain a long time as team leader – to what extent does Lewis influence your decision about the future?
Toto Wolff: I believe that in this regard we influence each other. But behind me our team is a large and powerful structure, and even if I leave, they will still win. I am ready to take this as my duty: I will have to ensure that the team continues to win in the future, because the foundations for this must be laid in advance. But the moment for this has not yet come.

Q: What about Lewis’s motivation? Does he still have the same thirst for victory as all the previous years?
Toto Wolff: See what happened today! He was hungry like a lion! He continued to race to victory, although at the end of the race his tires turned into slicks, and there was a risk that it would rain again. I don’t see the slightest sign that his motivation has weakened.

Question: How are you going to celebrate? It is clear that this is not so easy, but is there a chance?
Toto Wolff: Yes, because we are flying home together, and in our glasses we will not have a sprite, but something else! In general, I am very satisfied. Moreover, this is a very special year, it was not easy for the whole world, not only for us. But I still hope that we managed to please people, so winning such a difficult race at the end of the season is an exceptional achievement.



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