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Nicole Kidman told the New York Times about her career and the period in which she shot Eyes Wide Shut with her then husband Tom Cruise, between unforgettable private and professional emotions.

Nicole Kidman, even in recent times between some high and low, it is a real one diva timeless, almost like her immortal ex-husband Tom Cruise, one of the elements in an in-depth interview on vita, career and philosophy of the actress, published in the New York Times recently: the spark of the interview was the imminent airing of the miniseries The Undoing, of which Nicole Kidman is the protagonist. The years are 53, i remember now many, the vision of life clearer (“I gave the first kiss on the set at 14”). Let’s extrapolate some interesting passages.

Nicole Kidman and the relationship with Tom Cruise during Eyes Wide Shut

On end of the marriage between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise a lot has been written and said, but one of the most particular moments was undoubtedly, towards its end, the interpretation of a married couple in the masterful curtain Eyes Wide Shut (1999) of Stanley Kubrick. For many, the crisis on the screen, so linked to introspection, heralded the breakup that would soon take place. Nicole disagrees at all.

People like to think that, but I really don’t see it that way. We were happily married while we worked on it. After those scenes we went on go-kart, we rented a track and raced on go-karts at 3am. I don’t know what else to say. I may not be able to look back and dissect everything. Or maybe I don’t feel like it.

It is difficult for Nicole to separate those years with Tom from the figure of Kubrick, who in an interminable process, which lasted for almost two years, became one of the family for them. “We made spaghetti in the trailer, sometimes he ate with us. […] Stanley was not one tortuous. It was a difficult one because it went around a lot. But I sat with him in his office and chatted, we watched animal documentaries. ”

Nicole Kidman and the nude scenes, in Eyes Wide Shut but also The Human Stain

Eyes Wide Shut he was also famous for full nude scenes, which Nicole Kidman – she says – agreed to do only after a very precise contractual agreement with Kubrick: she would personally approve each shot of this type in the final montage, but in the end she didn’t refuse even one. For the actress who already showed herself in all her beauty in 10 Hours: Flat Calm (1989), the point has never been to be ashamed of the body: no matter how trivial it sounds, the context counts, as she herself explains.

The sexuality we keep it in a box, so that we have nothing to do with it. I’m happy to deal with it, but I have to be sure not to be exploited. Then we take this path together, I like the relationship between the director and an actor. When it is pure, it is exquisite.

In 2003 Nicole was another sensual presence in The Human Stain (2003), from the novel by Philip Roth, but he certainly wastes no time thinking about his nude scenes. The meeting with the writer is much more meaningful for her (“For me the bonds are the deepest part of being human, in the end you are the only ones left”): with Roth she discussed something else, as she recounts.

He hated the sense of guilt. He said it was a completely narcissistic emotion, just selfishness. He didn’t believe it. We quarreled for a while: “I’m Catholic, it certainly exists, Philip!” And he: “No, it’s selfish, narcissistic!”

Nicole Kidman’s prospects in her fifties: her secret

Also Nicole Kidman how her colleagues had to face the difficulties of the Hollywood world in recruiting a ‘no longer young actress (“a decade ago people snapped their fingers: past this age, everything changes!”). She solved the projects that interested her by starting to produce herself, starting with Rabbit Hole (2010). To the interviewer however Nicole how she balanced the choice of roles with the audience expectations and his fans. He never thought about it, and it’s the best lock.

Maybe I never would have done a lot of the things I’ve done if I thought about it too much. I would have feared people would think of me matta. E’ terrifying to set what you do on what people think. […] Many people close up when they get older, they are more and more afraid. My wish is to continue dive into things. Being a parent, my relationship [con Keith Urban, ndr], my work: I accept the pains, I accept the joys. Because having feelings is what makes me feel alive.


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