With Rubinho Barrichello and El Dipy, the Top Race returned in Gálvez to pure show

In his debut in the category, the Brazilian finished fourth in the race that Franco Girolami won, while the cumbia singer was 9th in the junior. This Sunday will be the second competition in Buenos Aires.

Argentine motorsport is in operation. It is the first sport discipline that was launched in Argentina after a semester of inactivity. And with the prominence that the Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack of the City of Buenos Aires, the Super TC2000, first, the Road Tourism, later, they gave movement to the Buenos Aires property, which assumed the responsibility of sheltering the activity in times of emergency. This time it is the turn of the Top Race, a category that returned renewed and with a vehicle fleet that increased by 75% compared to that March 15, when motor racing said goodbye due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

In this return, the shining name par excellence for the Top Race is that of the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello. Former pilot of Formula 1, which this year belongs to the Toyota Gazoo Racing Super TC2000 team, also alternates its space together with the Brazilian Stock Car with the show category. And this weekend saw her debut in the Top Race.

But it’s not just the arrival of Barrichello, Michael Schumacher’s former Ferrari teammate, arousing attention. Beyond several drivers who joined the different divisions of the Top Race, Who made a lot of noise was “El Dipy”, the cumbia singer who made his debut in TR Junior.

At 48, Barrichello continues with his debuts in various categories. Following his presentation at the Super TC2000, now he completed his presentation in the Top Race. “It cost me less here than in the Super TC2000”Said the Brazilian, alluding to the complexity that it was for him to drive a front-wheel drive car for the first time with the Toyota Corolla del Super versus the Camry this weekend.

“Rubinho”He was fourth in his first race in the category, in which Franco Girolami won and was escorted by Matías Rossi (Barrichello’s teammate) and Diego Azar. In the Top Race Series, Facundo Andrighetti was the winner.

Meanwhile, “El Dipy” started from 9th place in the first competition of the weekend and arrived in the same position in Junior. The test, won by Francisco Martínez. “I run with everything borrowed. Except for the flame retardant diver, they gave me the rest with great kindness ”, commented the singer, who wore Edgardo Lavari’s helmet.

Beyond the world of music, “El Dipy” It became more popular for different reasons in recent times. The songs of Daniel Martínez, according to his ID, were sung by the Paris Saint Germain footballers in the Champions League finals, by the hand of Di María, Neymar and company.

But also for his critical stance towards the world of politics, more specifically before the government’s management. “I’m surprised because they think that because I sing cumbia and I came out of a humble neighborhood, I am a Kirchnerist or a Peronist. I grew up in La Tablada, part of La Matanza. I came from Gualeguaychú, from Entre Ríos to Buenos Aires. But now that they found out that I am neither a Peronist nor a Kirchnerist, they believe that I am a macrista. I’m not from any of them. I am nobody’s, “he tends to comment.

Beyond its manifestations, “El Dipy” He is passionate about motorsports. “Once they took me to the racetrack, I was a boy, and we sneaked in. We went in a truck that was used to deliver fish. Back there they took me covered with mattresses, “he recalled. “From there, this wonderful world always caught me. I’m a Ford fan. That is why I thank Alejandro Levy (leader of Top Race) for this opportunity ”, added.

“I started to drive in my dad’s citron car. One day I grabbed it, it was inside the garage, I started it and took the pillar from the wall and threw the roof down. I was hidden for three days in my neighbor’s house, ”he commented. And in the middle of the note he exclaimed: “I can’t believe I’m talking to Carburando!”

With experience as a driver in the Fiat AMS category, “El Dipy” He spoke of national motorsport: “I like Facundo Ardusso.” He also praised Agustín Canapino, Tomás Urretavizcaya, Federico Pérez and Agustín Herrera. “I like to look beyond those who are consecrated. That is why I name those protagonists ”, he highlighted.

Top Race returned to the tracks. With a good park, renowned drivers. And with its own noise. The brilliance of international motorsport, with Rubens Barrichello. And with the curiosity of “El Dipy” in the Junior, a personality that built his fame outside the world of speed, although he did not clash in the race.

In the double-date weekend for Top Race, the second competition of each discipline will be held this Sunday at the Buenos Aires racetrack. With live transmission of Carburando, from 9.30, by El Trece and TyC Sports, Top Race will share circuit No. 8 with the TR Series, while the Junior will race earlier.



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