With polls against, Donald Trump resumes the campaign in Florida and links Joe Biden with Chavismo

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He seeks to regain ground 10 days after his hospitalization for Covid, in a key state to win on November 3. The US will never be Venezuela, the president assured.

Pressured by several polls to the contrary, President Donald Trump began this Monday a marathon tour of three decisive states, which could give him the final advantage he seeks to prevail in the November 3 elections.

10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus, the president resumed his campaign actions with a rally in Sanford, in central Florida, in which he sought to conquer Venezuelan sectors with harsh criticism of the Nicolás Maduro regime and trying to assimilate his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, with “The socialist regime of Venezuela.”

“The United States will never become Venezuela, nor will it become Castro’s Cuba, as Joe and his people are trying to do”, said Trump, in one of the most celebrated moments by the crowd, who largely did not wear chinstraps.

“Our country cannot survive as a socialist nation, and that is what the Democrats want it to be,” the president said. “The United States will never become a large-scale version of Venezuela. Sleepy Joe “Biden” is already being taken out of control, he added. The president stated that “my heart goes out to the people of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.”

According to analysts, the reason for the mentions of Venezuela and Cuba in his speech is that Trump seeks to ensure the vote of both communities, in his eagerness to add as many adhesions as possible in a State, traditionally Republican, but which the latest polls now show as leaning towards the Democrats, especially due to the mismanagement of the pandemic from the White House.

In his message to the continuous cheers of the crowd who chanted “four more years, four more years”, Trump also guaranteed that “to vote Republican is to vote for a safe community, it is to vote for more work, it is to vote for the great United States again” .

Trump also appealed to the historical memory of that decisive State in the elections and from where the missions that took Americans to the Moon left in the late 1960s. “I assure you that the best is yet to come. Flights to Mars will also depart from Florida and the United States will put a man on Mars ”.

Hours before the act in Sandford, the president’s campaign office launched in Florida an advertisement in Spanish in which it once again linked the candidacy of the Biden and Kamala Harris formula with “Castrochavismo”, and in which it is indicated that the former vice president of Barack Obama “turned his back on the Venezuelans.”

The notice is a nod to one of its most loyal bases, such as the Venezuelan and Cuban exiles, these last organizers last Saturday of a caravan in Miami with hundreds of pro-Trump supporters.

Shortly before boarding the plane that took him to Florida this Monday, the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, said Trump had tested negative for the virus on consecutive days with a new quick test, although it did not specify when it had been applied.

Conley had said in a memo given over the weekend that the president is no longer contagious to other people. However, experts doubt as the White House has refused to give all the details of the case.

Conley himself came under pressure a day after Trump was admitted for Covid on October 2 at the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington by admitting that He had hidden health data from the president. The president boarded the plane without wearing a mask, before the look of distrust of the journalists who were covering the event.

The event in Sanford has sparked criticism of the president, for the danger that he could still be a contagion agent. Still convalescing, the president is planning other campaign events this week in the states of Pennsylvania and Iowa, with which he intends to gain ground, according to what the latest polls show.

According ABC News/The Washington Post, Biden leads Trump by 12 points in national voting intent. In coveted Florida, without a fixed voting pattern, a recent Quinnipiac University poll placed Biden ahead of the president by 11 points, while the RealClear Politics average reflects a 3.7% advantage in favor of the democrat.

Source: AP, EFE and Clarín agencies


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