With Pavón in the country, Boca awaits the offer from Los Angeles Galaxy and there is much to define

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It is already clear that the Americans will not pay the clause to keep their pass, although they intend to retain it. The Ribera club is willing to negotiate, although a return is not totally ruled out.

The abrupt closure of the Los Angeles Galaxy season in the MLS, with the elimination without even contesting the playoffs in the search for the title, generated uncertainty about the immediate future of Cristian Pavón, the figure of the team, whose pass still belongs to Boca. What will happen to him?

The footballer, chosen as the best of his team in a forgotten season, returned to Argentina in the last hours and settled in Córdoba with his family. He has, of course, the vacation days that correspond to him after an irregular year collectively and personally, despite the records: 35 games, 14 goals and 8 assists.

The Los Angeles Galaxy confirmed to Boca in the last hours that they will send a formal proposal to buy the 24-year-old forward’s pass. Of course: it is clear that they do not intend to execute the clause of $ 20 million that had been fixed by him when he went on loan in June 2019. From the Soccer Council led by Juan Román Riquelme they had contact with the sports director of the North American team and warned that he is a player in whom there are economic and sports expectations for the club.

In Boca, still without official proposals on the table, they believe that the amount that Americans will approach will be just over 10 million dollars. And there a negotiation would open: Boca is willing to transfer the striker in that figure (today enhanced in the midst of a global economic crisis) as long as it is only for a percentage of the pass. The idea of ​​the club, in the case of having to sell to Kichán, is to keep part of your file so that there is a chance of eventual future income in the event that you later migrate to other destinations.

Will there be a talk between the Boca Soccer Council and Pavón? The idea is that this happens when the proposal of the whole of the MLS is on the table, so that the footballer can give his look regarding the future. The economic uncertainty is logical and tips the balance to continue abroad. But it is also true that the sporting challenge in Boca is much bigger (and with a larger window) to reach Europe, the destination to which Pavón aspires.

For Miguel Ángel Russo it is a situation to be resolved later, because he is focused on assembling the team to play the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. That is why the first observation about the situation will be from the treasury and not with the football prism.

A detail that cannot go unnoticed either: if Pavón returns to the club, It would become the best payment of the team together with Carlos Tevez because their bond (it is until June 2022) was renewed with other values. In fact, his transfer is being investigated by the Justice after a presentation by the administration of Jorge Amor Ameal for alleged irregularities in the outgoing management of Daniel Angelici. According to the complaint, the former general secretary, Christian Gribaudo, signed the payment of a capital gain (the surplus of a transfer between institutions) of more than 2.5 million dollars to Talleres when in reality Pavón went on loan. And the estimated calculation is that to end up paying that amount, Boca had to transfer 39 million to Pavón.

When should Pavón’s future be resolved? The player has a contract until December 31 but the season is over. That is why the Los Angeles team has already contacted Boca and the approval of the MLS remains for the offer to be formalized. In the case of being rejected, in Brandsen 805 they can receive any proposal from different teams and then give the Galaxy a chance to match it. If it does not prosper, Pavón would put on the Boca shirt again and will train in Ezeiza.



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