With New Weapons and a “Message” for America, North Korea Celebrates 75 Years of the Workers’ Party

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According to a South Korean source, the Kim Jong-un regime mounted an “imposing” military parade for the occasion.

North Korea the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Workers’ Party amid growing rumors that the annual military parade will be used to showcase new strategic weapons and send a message to the United States.

Among the signals that point in this line, there are satellite images compiled by observers in the country, a mention in the New Year’s speech by the North Korean leader himself, Kim Jong-un, as well as indications collected by sources from the South Korean government.

According to the agency of that country Yonhap, the South Korean Unification Minister, Lee In-Young, presented a report in which he ensures that there are possibilities that North Korea unveil a “new strategic weapon” it could be an “intercontinental missile” or “a submarine that launches ballistic missiles”.

Lee has assured on camera that it is a strategy North Korea to divert the situation from the bad economic outlook that the country would face due to the pandemic, to which we should add typhoons and floods that have caused damage, according to South Korea, in recent months.

According to South Korean reports, preparations have been made for Kim Jong-un to give a speech after the parade in which experts hope that send a message to the United States showing your impatience due to the lack of progress in the diplomatic negotiations for denuclearization.

One of those that most worries the North Korean country’s rivals is the possibility that North Korea has developed an ICBM that incorporates solid fuel technology.

With this type of fuel, a faster deployment and launch would be possible than in current models that use liquid fuel, which would make it more difficult to neutralize this type of projectiles.

Experts consulted by the US agency Bloomberg have also pointed to the possibility that the Pyongyang regime will show new missile launchers or show a greater number of ballistic missiles than it is estimated to have during the parade to send a message about its new military might.

On the occasion of this date, the President of China, Xi Jinping, congratulated Kim Jong-un, as revealed this Saturday by the North Korean national agency KCNA.

In a letter, the Chinese president has called maintain existing alliance between the two countries as both leaders continue to write “a new page” in the history of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Xi Jinping has made mention of the new challenges arising from the coronavirus and the meetings held with Kim in recent years in which they have reached “understandings to improve relations between the two countries.”

Source: dpa


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