With Luis Arce as president of Bolivia, Evo Morales returns this Monday from Argentina

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The assumption of his “dolphin” and the return to power of his party, the MAS, paved the way for the former president to return to his country.

Rituals with coca leaves, songs and Andean music they seized the border between Bolivia and Argentina on the eve of Evo Morales’ expected return to his homeland, almost a year after he left after resigning as president in the middle of last year’s political crisis. Now, with the inauguration of Luis Arce, the way is clear.

In Villazón, usually a quiet city in southern Bolivia on the border with Argentina, The party of the former president’s followers broke out from this Sunday with the first supporters arriving from different parts of the country so as not to miss the historic return of their leader.

In front of the bridge that divides both countries, followers and leaders of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), the party of Evo Morales, gathered; Y a group of spirit guides who officiated a ritual with coca leaf to predict how the former president will fare on his return tour to Bolivia.

In accordance with the ancestral customs of the Andean cultures, the spiritual guide Francisco Balboa and Eulalia Huanacuni threw a couple of handfuls of coca leaves on the ground to read the future of Morales when he returned to his homeland.

After a few moments of expectation where they reviewed the color of the leaves, their shape and the way in which they had been distributed, the reading was positive and, immediately afterwards, the crowd broke into applause and more cheers in favor of Morales.

“The little feet have been on the right track, Bolivia has to be on the right track. So we will be fine “Huanacuni told Efe.

The coca leaf will be closely linked to Morales’ return to BoliviaAfter a three-day tour of different regions of the country, he will settle in Chimoré, the coca-growing enclave of the Tropic of Cochabamba, where he has announced that he will return to the agricultural and union activity that he carried out before having been the president of Bolivia for almost fourteen years consecutive (2006-2019).

Several coca growers leaders from Cochabamba have already arrived in Villazón to, as soon as they cross the border bridge this Monday, escort and accompany him in the massive caravan It will follow him on his tour of Potosí and Oruro until he reaches Chimoré.

He is expected to arrive in this coca-growing area on Wednesday, November 11, when it will be a year since his departure on a Mexican Air Force plane bound for Mexico, which welcomed him the first weeks before moving to Argentina, where he has remained for the last eleven months.

Then he was denouncing a coup against him, in the middle of the political crisis unleashed in Bolivia due to suspicions of electoral fraud in his favor, after being elected for a fourth consecutive term.

“We are here to take him to our Tropic of Cochabamba. He has been threatened with death and his integrity is in danger, “the peasant leader and former vice minister of Interculturality Rodolfo Machaca, along with other MAS authorities, assured in a public speech.

All union leaders related to Morales will protect him, as they are skeptical about the possibility that the former president will return to the country sin no legal obstacle despite the fact that the Bolivian Justice at the end of October he already annulled the arrest warrant against him on charges of terrorism and sedition.

“Soon you will be walking here with that steady step that he has demonstrated during the fourteen years of the process of change, “said former Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni, one of the most involved in directing the chants of Morales’ acolytes in Villazón.

“Our brother, our president, our strength, our joy is returning, and here we wait for it. It is important to thank those who have generated stability and growth in the country. Tomorrow a new time of change will emerge for us,” he added.

Huanacuni recalled that the celebration of Bolivian socialism is twofold because at the same time that spirits were warming up for the return of Morales, they continued the investiture in La Paz of Luis Arce as president for the next five years, after having won the October 18 elections with more than 55% of the votes.

“We’re going back, we’re going back,” the crowd shouted every time an authority spoke, as if it were a soccer bar.


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