With Indio Solari in virtual mode, the air conditioning Fundamentalists returned

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The band of the former singer of Los Redondos gave a streaming show this Saturday 26.

They really were moments of magic, moments long dreamed of by their fans. It was a wish that seemed impossible, but thanks to technology, Indio Solari was once again present on stage to sing some songs from his solo career and from the repertoire of Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota. No human warmth, no pogo, with awkward silences between topic and topic, but cwith all the force of his hits that marked three generations with fire of fans.

It happened on Saturday night at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium, in the show called “From the satellites”, by his band Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado, the same one that returned to activity last year, when he organized concerts to benefit the drummer Martin Carrizo, who needed expensive medical treatment.

Since then, the image and voice of the Indio came back to life in some shows, first on a giant screen and then even on a hologram. And of course she could not be absent in this celebration of the 15 years of the band, but nobody could imagine how many songs she would do or what they would be.

Of course, from the very beginning, at 9:10 p.m. he gave the welcome-over announcing “Ladies and gentlemen, The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning”.

The “mass” had begun at 19 with the transmission – in the manner of a preview – of a documentary about the history of The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning, with unpublished images and testimonies of musicians and technicians. An emotional review of the three decades of history, with moments of glory, concerts with call records and also moments of sadness and tragedy. Life itself.

At the end of the documentary, after phrases from the Indian thanking the fans for the “infinite loyalty”, the credits arrived and a five-minute countdown to the start of the concert. Keyboardist Pablo Sbaraglia opened by singing Tomasito can you see me?, the guitarist Gaspar Benegas took the first voice for The treasure of the innocents and then the other guitarist Baltasar Comotto was in charge of singing Amnesia.

The band sounded as powerful as ever. Impeccable and with the dynamics of sharing the microphone, for example the saxophonist Sergio Colombo in They kill me, Lemon!, the showgirl Luciana Palacios in Why doesn’t God love me, the other showgirl Deborah Dixon in The blues of freedom, bassist Fernando Nalé on Prisoner in my city and the trumpeter Miguel Angel Tallarita in Gualicho. Without a doubt it is a luxury to have a group with so many singers.

As for the expected appearances of the Indio, he appeared on the screens during two songs of the first section (I cannibal Y Rex pig ” and one of the second part (Susanita). But the run for astonishment and emotion was to see him in many passages of the encores, such as An angel for your loneliness and three songs from his latest album that he never sang live: Fashion is not avant-garde, Darkness Y War paintings.

The recital lasted almost three hours, with a dynamic repertoire, not only for sharing the first voice, but also for a good back and forth between songs by Los Redondos and his solo career. There was even a special duo of songs from Sbaraglia and Comotto albums where El Indio participated as a guest: Zimbo rock Y Maybe.

Before the end, Pablo Sbaraglia thanked the audience and recalled that “At this time the most important thing is to take care of others.” They said goodbye, how could it be otherwise, with Ji ji ji and each one from their home contributed to the largest and most virtual pogo in the world.

The sunset was impressive, with a magnificent and lavish display of lights and dozens of screens, plus great HD picture and sound. The total of 20 thousand tickets was sold out, and surely no more were sold so as not to compromise the quality of the streaming.

The Fundamentalists of the Air Conditioning promise to return to the “face-to-face” activity as soon as possible, and there to pay off their debt with the public of Rosario, where they had to cancel due to the quarantine. For now, in this new format, they once again conjured the magic of the great songs of Indio Solari.



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