With his last breath, the Nice victim sent a message to his children

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The 44-year-old mother suffered severe injuries at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Nice, southern France, but somehow managed to escape to a nearby restaurant with a Muslim owner. According to the owner, his brother and one of the employees saw a bloodthirsty woman approaching them on the street, to whom they rushed for help. Silva warned that there was an assailant in the temple by the time the two men hurried over, but they could not do anything with the knife-armed terrorist, they called a police officer, arrived shortly, and with fourteen gunshots destroyed the killer crying to Allah.

However, Simone Silván could no longer help the paramedics arriving on the scene, he died an hour and a half after the attack from his injuries caused by several knife stabs,

Silva Facebook page pictures often show a little girl and two little boys who press sources according to the child of the victim. He chose a picture of Jesus as his background, but several of his entries suggest that he was a believing Christian.

A Globe According to a Brazilian newspaper, Silva, a chef, has lived in France for thirty years, most recently working as a caregiver for the elderly, and in her spare time she has helped organize the annual Brazilian Cultural Festival in Nice.

The terrorist, identified as Brahim Aussou, ended up with the sacristy of the cathedral, a 54-year-old child with two children. Vincen Loqueswho was just preparing for the first Mass of the day when Aussou cut his throat.

The name of the third victim has not been announced to date. According to information so far, a 60-year-old woman, who, like Silva, often attended the basilica, also arrived for the Mass on Thursday. His body was found next to the holy water tank of the church. His killer cut his throat and tried unsuccessfully to completely separate his head from his body.

Brahim, a 21-year-old from Tunisia, arrived in Italy as a migrant on Auschua on 20 September. The Italian press according to him, a photograph was taken of him, his fingerprints were taken and his history was checked, but the authorities did not find anything to charge. In Lampedusa he downloaded the two-week quarantine imposed and was then transferred to another camp where he was told:

The terrorist thus took a train to Paris in the second week of October, and then stayed there until Thursday. He boarded a train at dawn and finally arrived in Nice.

According to a report by the television channel al-Arabia, the young Tunisian came to Europe from an area struggling with economic difficulties and could not find a permanent job in his country. Presumably his family knew he was trying his luck in Europe, but they didn’t understand what he wanted in France, where he didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language either.

The terrorist had already sent a picture of the basilica of Nice to his brother in Tunisia at half past seven on Thursday morning, saying he wanted to spend the day there. The family said they had no idea what Brahim Aussoui was planning.

The person in question waited for the opening of the church at half past nine, entered, and was in the church for half an hour. Following his deed, two unused knives, a Koran and two telephones, were found by him by the authorities.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Ausuau saw the time had come, he pulled out

and brutally murdered the 60-year-old woman first, the sacristy, and then the mother of three.



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