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The vice president and running mate of the president tested negative for coronavirus. Doubts about the role that he will assume in the campaign.

An ultra-conservative and fervent Christian, the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, attracts all eyes after President Donald Trump announced that he tested positive for coronavirus.

Pence tested negative for coronavirus on Friday, in a dizzying day with Trump’s admission to a military hospital in the afternoon. So the number two of the White House is now the only one available from the pair to campaign on the field during the hospitalization of the republican president, when there is a month left before the presidential and legislative elections of November 3.

Second in the order of presidential succession, the hypothesis that he will take the reins of the greatest power in the world and the Republican campaign, if Trump is prevented from taking office, remains still very hypothetical.

Aligned appearance, discreet smile, carefully combed gray hair, the unmistakable style of Pence, at 61 years old, is diametrically opposed to the strident and controversial president of the United States.

Appointed by Trump earlier in the year as head of the coronavirus crisis unit, Pence took up the issue with measured words, far from the inaccuracies and provocations of the White House tenant. Always being careful not to directly contradict your boss.

A lawyer by training and former radio host, he knows the mysteries of Washington well and gained the appreciation of Republicans after serving as a member of the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013 and chairman of the Republican Conference (party number 3) from 2009 to 2011.

However, Pence and Trump weren’t particularly close before being named running partners in 2016. And for a time rumors spread in Washington huddles about Trump’s alleged desire to change his running partner this year, in order to to boost your campaign.

But the president rewarded the loyalty of Pence and his close ties to white Christians elderly, who played a key role in his victory four years ago.

“He is solid as a rock. He was a fantastic vice president,” the Republican billionaire launched in August. “It is respected by all religious groups, whether evangelical or other,” he added.

Very active in the field, especially in the center of the country, the former governor of Indiana he defines himself as “Christian, conservative, and republican, in that order.”

As governor, he distinguished himself as a herald of traditional family values: anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality and enemy of the Syrian refugee facility in your state.

Pence signed laws that make abortion difficult in Indiana. He was also widely criticized for defending in 2015 a “religious freedom” law, seen by his detractors as a way to discriminate against the LGBT community.

All those positions that could help Trump in 2016 to add votes with traditional conservative voters and in particular with evangelicals, initially reluctant to the unpredictable personality of the twice-divorced tycoon, and who carries a number of accusations for alleged sexual abuse.

The support of this religious electorate could once again be decisive in the November 3 elections.

One in four Americans is evangelical, according to the Pew Institute. It is the dominant form of American Protestantism and the first country religion, ahead of Catholics and traditional Protestants.

Source: AFP


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