With another great performance, Facundo Campazzo said goodbye to Real Madrid and began to think about the Denver Nuggets and the NBA

In his last match in the ACB League before traveling to the United States, the man from Cordoba was part of the victory against Manresa, where Juan Pablo Vaulet played.

Facundo Campazzo played one of his most special matches. Although there was no title involved nor was it a decisive match, it was the last one he played with the Real Madrid jersey before finally leaving for the United States to fulfill his dream of being an NBA with the Denver Nuggets.

The Cordovan base won with the team merengue a Manresa 100 to 78 and was the top scorer of the European night with 20 points (11/11 in free throws), to which he also added 4 assists, 4 steals and 2 rebounds in 25 minutes. He accumulated 28 valuation points.

In the losing set, Juan Pablo Vaulet He was the second highest scorer for his team with 13 goals, 4 sacks on the boards, 2 passes-goals and a recovery (17 PIR, the best of his own) in 28 minutes.

Far from loosening up on the commitment or taking care of the physical thinking about what is coming, Campazzo played with the usual intensity in defense and the dizzying rhythm in attack that characterize him and that make him look like a little foal with blinders: he can only go forward.

Thus, in case someone new interested in their conditions from the United States in general and from Denver in particular wanted to see what the short 1.79 meter has to offer, their usual weapons were seen.

The quick exit well from below after the pick, the one with which he unbalanced by becoming a scoring threat as well as a discharge for the roll or triple from the perimeter; the magic passes with girdles that serve both to change hands and continue as to attend; the repertoire of passes-goals, whether they were chopped, with hooks from a distance, over the head …

And the defensive attitude that makes him a tireless bulldog who spends his time recovering balls, both in the front row and in the slap right at the opponent’s ball. But he’s also a great counterplay reader, allowing him to get past curtains and offer quick help.

When there were just over four minutes and a 20-point difference on the scoreboard, Pablo Laso determined that it had been enough and lowered the blind on Facundo’s second stage in Madrid. After having played very little with the team in 2014/15, he spent two seasons on loan to Murcia, where he showed his worth and returned to the team in the capital to take over and become the absolute leader.

With the shirt merengue, the Cordovan accumulated no less than eleven titles in just four seasons – this would have been his fifth. There were two Euroleagues (2015 and 2018), three ACB Leagues (2015, 2018 and 2019), two Copas del Rey (2015 and 2020) and four Spanish Super Cups (2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020).

He was also MVP in the last four finals he played with the team (the ACB and the 2019 Super Cup and the King’s Cup and Super Cup this year), which already misses him.

To get to the NBA, Campazzo will make a great financial sacrifice since by regulation, Denver can only pay 750 thousand dollars of his exit clause, which is valued at approximately six million dollars. The Cordovan decided that part of the salary of the last months will be used for that payment, as well as an advance of the contract that he will sign with the Nuggets for two years.



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