Updates from Windows Sometimes they tend to be a headache due to the amount of problems that they can bring for some users, however, this seems to be changing with the latest Windows 10 update, specifically the second most important of the year that is traditionally launched in the month October.

The Redmond company is taking a different path from other updates, and that is October Update will begin rolling out to users little by little from now on and over the next few weeks, So if the update still does not appear, you should not worry, because the deployment will be scaled. The reason? Microsoft wants there to be fewer problems for users this time, so the computers most susceptible to problems are those that will take the longest to receive the update until the company guarantees that the update will not harm the user.

What’s new in the Windows 10 October Update?

In its official blog The Redmond company has detailed a long list of new features, the most important of which are:

  • Microsoft Edge: With this update comes the new Microsoft browser natively, that is, users who did not update the browser will now see the new version on their computer.
  • Web tabs: Microsoft Edge tabs can now be viewed in the open applications window with the “Alt + Tab” command.
  • New start menu: We have been sharing data about the redesign of the start menu, which is now more simplified and with a semi-transparent background, with redesigned icons and without the square outline with a background of different colors in the list of applications installed in the team.

  • Web tabs pinned to the taskbar: This could already be done in Edge, but the new update includes improvements such as the ability to see all open tabs on that website just by hovering over the icon pinned to the bar of homework.
  • Better notifications: Notifications can now be removed quickly with the new “X” button, it will be much easier to identify which service this notification is from.
  • Custom taskbar: Microsoft will give you a more ordered taskbar based on your needs.
Screenshot 3

How to install the Windows 10 October Update?

The update should drop automatically, but if you want to check if your computer is ready to update you must go to settings> Windows Update (appears in the upper right part of the screen)> Check for update.