With thirteen professional victories and a single defeat, Ezequiel Gurría Ortigas won the title of champion of the super welterweight division in Spain last year. Last March he lost the belt against David Soria from Navarra and now he is preparing to compete again on November 7.

With 27 years and a career that also includes 45 fights in the amateur category and six fights in the neo-professional category, this boxer He explains the keys to his career and his wishes for the future.

What prompted you to start training and dedicate yourself to boxing professionally?

I started boxing when I was 15 years old and from the first moment it was clear to me that I wanted to compete. Little by little I was dedicating time to him, I was progressing fast and without realizing it I was unconsciously getting involved a lot. I spent a few years in the amateur field, where I played three Spanish championships. I got the bronze medal in the last one, losing the semifinal with the first sword of the Olympic team Youba Sisoko.

Four years ago I decided to jump into the professional field and there I chained 11 consecutive victories with my team, until we won the right to play the official qualifying round of the Spanish championship. We won it in the third round by KO Next, we played the Spanish championship and won on points after 10 tough rounds.

Is boxing a sport for everyone?

Boxing as a sport, of course, is for all types of people and ages. Competitive boxing, however, it is already another world.

What three pieces of advice would you give someone who is going to start boxing?

That he loves what he does, that he does not stop learning and never forget to enjoy the road.

And what three skills does it take to box?

Always speaking from a competitive perspective, there are three skills that are needed: willpower, having great capacity for suffering and wanting to keep improving always.

Ezequiel Gurría during a fight.

You have competition on November 7, how do you prepare to compete?

At this time of preparation I train 4 hours a day. In the morning I do the physical part and in the afternoon the technical part of boxing.

And what about food?

I am on a strict diet, since I have to fall into my category. Whenever I fight, I usually lose about 7-8 kilos in weight. Both food and physical preparation have been in charge of Guillermo Fernández since I started at a professional level, for me he is the best physical trainer and nutritionist in Zaragoza. Sergio Labandera and my brother, Jesús, Gurria are in charge of my technical and tactical preparation.

How far would you like to go in this sport?

I would like get to the maximum you can. I think telling you where it would be to limit myself.

How is the panorama of Spanish boxing?

Spanish boxing is rising little by little and they are already seeing level boxers. My weight, right now, I think is the most competitive at the national level.

Do you have a moment or memory that has marked your career so far?

I have many experiences that I could tell you about, but the moment that has affected me and my team the most was the last defeat in which we lost the Spanish title. It was an experience that made me change both as a boxer as well as a person.