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– at the same time, there is perhaps a consensus between the rule of law and the EU’s interest groups over the EU budget, which have not yet reached the ground.

While the economic crisis caused by the Covid epidemic would require a Europe to act in concert, the debate on the rule of law is a wedge in cooperation.

This was still agreed today by the Council of EU Member States, and the day before by representatives of the Council and the European Parliament. While Member State leaders would tend to give less weight to the rule of law in “dirty materials”, the EP last week voted in favor of stricter regulation.

And the European Commission put its report on the table on the last day of September, which shows that the rule of law is being violated in Hungary. Problems have been identified in areas such as

This conflict, which has also sharpened tensions between the Hungarian government and Věra Jourová, the competent (Czech) Commissioner, promises to be one of the main topics of this week’s EU summit.

Justice Minister Judit Varga has already tuned in in a Facebook post after a closed session in Luxembourg was held to discuss the rule of law.

– asked the question, adding in retrospect, only Poland supported his proposal.

For Varga, the stakes are not small: the Hungarian government could lose billions of euros if the leaders of the western member states harden under the pressure of the EP, if the leaders of the western member states also harden under the pressure of the EP. In addition, not only EU funding for the next seven years may depend on this issue, but also the proceeds from the 750 billion recovery fund adopted in the summer to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus epidemic.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that if the debate on the link between the rule of law and budgetary issues hinders the launch of the necessary financial fund due to the epidemic, there is a possibility of an intergovernmental agreement outside the EU institutions. According to portfolio.hu, if Hungary is left out of the fund created due to the crisis, it would mean a loss of 16 billion euros.

According to the paper form, the EU is not behind schedule yet. The ball is currently bouncing between the EU institutions.

Zoltán Gálik, an employee of the Corvinus University of Budapest, told the Index. According to the expert, this should start negotiations from almost zero, so it is not possible to say exactly what conditions the rule of law mechanism will impose on support funds.

– says Zoltán Gálik, who says that it is also a question of how the exact procedure will be structured.

These are issues like that



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