The sequel to Mercedes in the F1 series seems safer than before. The parent company Daimler intends to make organizational changes that will serve the operations of the F1 stable in the coming years.

Mersu’s own AMG brand has been prominently displayed in motorsports. The collaboration is bearing fruit on the civilian car side as the car brand launches the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar.

The car uses technology developed by the Mersu F1 stable. For example, a model based on the current V6 turbo hybrid is to be used as the power source.

CEO of the parent company Daimler Ola Källenius said at an investor conference earlier this week, AMG and Mercedes will strengthen their relationship with a view to the F1 project from next year.

Closer co-operation is intended to better serve car sales, which is the most important thing for Daimler in the final games of the Mercedes F1 project.

– F1 is the highest category in motorsport. We intend to utilize the technology developed in it and move towards new and exciting future technologies in our AMG cars, says Källenius.

As a factory team, Mercedes has been in formula number one since the 2010 season.

The situation was alleviated in the summer when a new Concorde contract committed Mersu to continue the series for a long time.

The “closer cooperation” that Källenius says can mean, for example, re-branding the stable under the AMG name. The current official name of the team is Mercedes-AMG Petronas.