The Haas F1 team has long been the subject of sales rumors. The stable is the second to last in the Manufacturers’ World Championships, and owner Gene Haas is not happy about the move at all.

– He stated before the start of the season that the result must come, otherwise his F1 adventure will end. At the moment, it seems frightening that he has no reason to finance his expensive project, which does not produce any results, Iltalehti’s expert Jyrki Järvilehto estimates in August.

Formulapassion site According to Haas, the buyer is rumored to have a fund headed by a Russian billionaire Dimitri Mazepin. Mazepin, a close associate of President Vladimir Putin, has assets of about 1.1 billion euros.

The billionaire was already trying to buy Force Indian – now Racing Point – in 2018. However, the stable ended up being owned by Canadian Lawrence Stroll.

There may be similarities in the story of Stroll and Mazepin in the future. Before buying Force India, Stroll invested in Williams and got his son Lance Stroll as the second driver in the stable. Lance currently drives at Racing Point.

Mazepin’s son, Nikita Mazepin, is currently driving the Formula 2 series. If Father Mazep were to buy Haas, Nikita would very likely have a driver’s seat in the F1 series.

Drivers worried

Rumors of selling the stable have also spread to drivers. Driving on haas Kevin Magnussen is “very nervous” according to the Danish newspaper BT.

According to Auto Bild, Sergio Perez had previously negotiated an agreement with Haas.

Perez had a two-year contract with Racing Point. However, the Mexican driver was shown the door as the team acquired Sebastian Vettel for next season.

– Sergio Perez used to be interested in driving in the stable after getting out of Racing Point. However, he gave up the negotiations after hearing that the stable is negotiating with Mazepin, writes Rafl Bach of Auto Bild.

Haas is intrusive, as the driver’s seat can also be sought by one of Ferrari’s junior academy drivers. Russian Robert Shwarzman drive in Haas in free practice at least in Abu Dhabi.

Haas has denied rumors of a sale saying “the stable is not currently for sale”. In addition to Magnussen, Romain Grosjean will be driving in the stable this season.