This year Amazon had to delay Prime Day which is normally celebrated in July for the pandemic situation around the world. However, until this moment the company has kept all the details about when Prime Day will take place very well, revealing only that the event will be held sometime in the fourth quarter of 2020, that is, between October and December.

However, this has taken an unexpected turn, as The Verge, which is one of the most reputable North American media in the United States, claims to have seen an email sent to Amazon employees in the part of the warehouse where the company mentions that all vacation requests have been canceled from 13 to 20 of October, as Prime Day will take place on the 13th and 14th of that same month.

The source also mentions that the event will be officially announced on September 27, so that day we will know if Mexico and other countries in the world with Prime will enjoy the event that same day, since at the moment India is the only country in the world in where Prime Day has already taken place.

In The Verge they have contacted Amazon to find out more details about it, where the company has mentioned that at the moment there is no date on Prime Day to share with the press, but that for now users in the United States and others parts of the world (including Mexico) can now ask Alexa to keep them posted on Prime Day.

Prime Day cannot be in any month other than October

A detail that they mention in The Verge is that Prime Day should not be celebrated near Black Friday, as this would affect the sales of the event. Amazon has a difficult situation if we consider that in Mexico and the United States November is a month with interesting sale events, because in our country also brands take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to offer products on sale, and in Mexico it will also take place Have a Good End 2020, where Amazon will probably also be participating in the 2 weeks of product discounts.

December is a bad idea to celebrate Prime Day, because this month is full of promotions to encourage Christmas sales and all kinds of gifts, so Prime Day is ideal to be celebrated in October, the question is… when?

Another event that indicates that the date of October 13 and 14 is real is that a store showed its Prime Day offers by “mistake” on several sites, where it was mentioned that these offers would be available in mid-October.