The t-shirt worn by Lewis Hamilton at the F1 depot on Sunday could be against International Automobile Federation rules. About it kertoo BBC.

Hamilton put on a shirt demanding justice for the one shot in March Breonna Taylorille. Translated into Finnish, the shirt read “arrest the cops who shot Breonna Taylor”.

Police shot 26-year-old Taylor at his home in March as they conducted a home search.

Police are investigating two men on suspicion of selling drugs in a house far from Taylor’s home. According to the New York Times however, the police had permission from the judge to conduct a search of Taylor’s home as well, as they suspected one man had received packages from that house.

Taylor and that man had been dating before.

The home search ended with Taylor’s shooting. In the case, the authorities involved have been allowed to continue in their duties, which has added petrol to the flames.

According to a spokesman for the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Hamilton’s “case is being actively considered”.

A spokesman said the FIA ​​was a non-political organization. The subject of the investigation is whether Hamilton’s shirt was political and against the rules.

Hamilton has taken a prominent role in the pits as an advocate of equality and an opponent of racism. He used to wear a Black lives matter shirt.

– I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that people are being killed on the street. One person was killed in his own home because they (the police) went to the wrong house. They are still free, Hamilton said Sunday after the race.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said on Saturday that the British driver has full support from his organization to talk about inequality.

– It’s entirely his own decision. We support him no matter what he does.

The F1 and FIA have launched an anti-racism campaign this season. Almost all drivers kneel before the race and wear shirts with the text End racism.

Hamilton has partnered with the FIA ​​on the union’s diversity program.

The thing was fixed at 6:57 pm: The police were in the right house, as the intention was to do a home search on two houses.