Wijnaldum is happy with Van Gaal, but has been called another name for national coach

Georginio Wijaldum looks forward to joining Louis van Gaal’s and Henk Fraser’s Dutch national team. The midfielder of thirty years, Georginio Wijnaldum, started his career at Paris Saint-Germain in the summer. The TelegraphWijnaldum admitted that he had proposed a new name for national coach. Wijnaldum stated, “But calling someone doesn’t mean that you don’t want someone else.”

Wijnaldum congratulates Van Gaal for becoming the Orange’s new national coach. “I read that I would be against him arriving, but that is not true,” stated the vice-captain from the Dutch national soccer team. “I have worked with Mr. Van Gaal both before and during 2014 World Cup. He has demonstrated that he is an excellent trainer at many top clubs. He is a good trainer and I believe he can help the Dutch team grow.”

Wijnaldum is fondly reminiscing about his past collaboration with Van Gaal. “I liked the way that he was. While he was very clear and strict, he allowed us a lot to be creative. This was amazing. The hotel allowed our family to visit the hotel from time-to-time. This is in addition to being a good human being. It was wonderful that he mentioned several times at the World Cup, that he had not been able to see things well during the match. He then agreed to our analysis of the images.

Wijnaldum also expressed satisfaction with Fraser’s appointment as Van Gaal’s assistant. “Henk loves people and can hit the boys,” commented the experienced midfielder. He does not believe Fraser’s Surinamese roots played any part in the appointment. “I don’t care about black or white but quality. I had the pleasure of working with him during Feyenoord’s youth and found it to be very enjoyable. Henk is an excellent professional. I also think his teamwork is great.

Wijnaldum will also be asked to reflect on the disappointing European Championship in which the Orange lost to the Czech Republic in the eighth final. “From the moment we saw images of the Czech Republic we knew it would be difficult than anyone in the Netherlands believed. While the heat was one thing; the Czechs were also affected by it. Ten men were sent home (after Matthijs De Ligt’s red card, ed. Although we didn’t play very well, we felt that there would be opportunities and spaces at the end of this game, as the Czech Republic had so many energy reserves. It didn’t really matter if they would last.


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