Wiegman is shocked by the Games’ ‘prison’: ‘It just can’t be’

Sarina Wiegman is in a lot of dissatisfaction despite the fact that the Orange Lionesses were the first to make it at the Olympic Games. They beat Zambia 3-10. The protocols around the coronavirus and the treatment of internationals in the hotel are causing anger. Wiegman, who is indignant, even uses the term “prison”.

Wiegman stated that “we live in a hotel in the back of which we are put to bed at the rear of the building,” after the huge victory over Zambia. The Telegraph. “We are not permitted in public areas. We must go through the staff entrance, walk through the corridors and eat somewhere in basement. We can’t even go outside. It’s a prison. After just one match, the Orange Lionesses national coach is full.

It can’t remain like this. We have to be able go outside for a bit. I won’t even talk about it. It’s impossible to contract Covid. Visitors to the Olympic Games in Japan can move freely for two weeks, but this does not apply to athletes or footballers. “We are aware that we need to be cautious. That’s what we do. We don’t shop. However, you cannot lock someone up for 2 weeks. This is not possible. Wiegman grumbles, “It just isn’t possible.”

Since a while, the Dutch camp has been trying to find a solution. “We’re always in contact with the organization to tell them to change. We will open doors and change things. It is up to the organization to address it. Our hotel has a beautiful garden. The hotel does not have any chickens. However, we are not permitted to enter there,” said Wiegman, who was deeply disappointed and is currently preparing for Saturday’s second match between Brazil and Orange Lionesses.


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