Why You Shouldn’t Starve When You Diet

No healthy diet should make you hungry, the idea is not to stop eating or eat so little that you do not stop being hungry at any time of the day, a healthy diet will make you eat enough, ingesting fewer calories, but feeling full , letting you wait until the next meal, read this article and find out why you should not starve when you are on a diet to lose weight.

Signs your body gives when it needs to feed

Feeling hungry a little before mealtime is completely normal, it is an indication that time has passed and that it is time to eat again, but if you spend all day hungry, something is not working properly, the most It is certain that you are not eating enough and your body claims in this way the lack of food.

Starving can cause you to overeat the next day

Having normal hunger does not mean that your stomach crunches, or that you feel that you want to eat a lion, it is about that feeling that alerts you that it is time to eat, just that, any other manifestation of hunger stops being normal and is an indication that you are not eating enoughYou should never eat less than 1200 calories a day, otherwise you would be nourishing your body poorly. If you feel hungry in a normal way, you will also feel fullness in a normal way and you will not eat more than necessary.

There are A lot of studies that have shown that the omission of the first food of the day and also of schedules in the structure for the rest of the foods increases the risk of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Your metabolism slows down

You must take special care to eat enough so that your body feels satisfied, eliminate foods that make you fat, but do not stop eating, just increase the amount of vegetables and fruits you consume, you will be giving your body more nutrients and eating the amount necessary, if you stop eating, your metabolism slows and you gain weight.

You should not go hungry when you are on a diet, but you should feel that slight sensation that indicates that it is time to recharge your batteries, so you can control your diet and lose weight healthily.

The ideal will always be to be accompanied by a nutrition professional and a medical check-up in case of pronounced excess weight, especially when there are other conditions. But in general, adding fiber, healthy fats, and more water to our diet will have a favorable response.


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