Sport engages. Although the first months it is difficult to get used to exercise, give up sofa and blanket plans and learn to live with good shoelaces (the kind that do not limit movement), with the passage of time and the appearance of the first results, the thing noticeably improves. Establishing sports routines no longer costs us, but we like, well We begin to understand how our body works, what are its strengths and what are those that we should work with more determination. Of course, it is not enough to identify those exercises that are most difficult for us to perform: we must perfect them and then intensify them. But how? With the help of a bosu!

This tool, made up of an inflated hemisphere with a flat base, is designed to provide some instability to a multitude of exercises, thus enhancing its benefits and accelerating visible results. Strength, balance and endurance are better worked with the help of this gadgetwhich, as can be expected, has managed to win the hearts of the many users who have already included it in their indoor routines to tone legs, arms or abdomen. And is that, if its use has any advantage, it is to be able to enjoy its sports versatility. Do you want to find out how?

The bosu, by Sfeomi.

This Amazon model stands out for being made entirely of toxin-free recycled materials that, in addition to contributing to a green life model, offers the user resistance, durability and, in addition, easy to deflate and collect in any corner of the house. The 30 ” removable resistance bands are made of the same material, finished with a soft foam handle to increase strength during exercise. But do you know how to take advantage of them to enhance your workouts? Well, keep reading!

Three exercises to prove it

  • 1
    Bosu exercise

    Balance and work of the leg and abdomen

    With the bosu face down, that is, with the hemisphere touching the ground, we position ourselves on it performing a squat. In this way, in addition to working on balance, we tone our legs and our abdomen, since this position requires an activated core to help us stabilize on a very unstable surface.
  • 2
    Bosu exercise

    Tone arms

    Although sometimes they are the great forgotten according to the sport discipline that is practiced, it is important to work the arms from time to time to help us get a muscle that supports our day to day. Thus, we can place this tool upside down, so that the hemisphere rests on the ground, grab it by the sides and do push-ups. On this occasion, it is also important to have the center of the body active to be stable and avoid subsequent muscular discomfort. Another option, with the hemisphere towards us, is to do push-ups by lowering and alternatively one arm to the ground while keeping the other on top of the bosu.
  • 3
    Bosu exercise

    Balance, proprioception and leg work

    To improve our balance and to strengthen our joints, we can climb on top of the hemisphere and stand on the limp or supported with only one foot. We will have to try to stabilize ourselves and, at the same time, the leg will work and tone.

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