Why this cable for the iPhone 12 costs billions of dollars

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iPhone 12 is almost here. It will be the best phone from Apple, it will have a super processor made by the company and an extraordinary mechanism to generate money: a cable through which you charge the phone and transfer data.

What you see in the collage below is the cable that Apple would put in the box of the iPhone 12. It’s white, as you would expect, it has a USB-C port on one end and a Lightning port on the other. The change, noticeable and possibly to make it more durable, is that it is covered with a textile material. It also gives it a premium cable feel.

With this cable for iPhone 12, Apple could solve the problem of cables that break, because they wear out too quickly. Otherwise, like other similar accessories, it also has a chip integrated in the socket through which the charging is controlled. We don’t know the official price yet. But what is clear is that it will generate billions of dollars. And not just for Apple.

Apple’s strategy for the iPhone 12, and more, that will annoy you

With the Watch 6, Apple has confirmed a rumor: no charger in the box of its new devices. Thus, the watch only has a cable that you plug into a USB port and charge it. The same will be for the iPhone 12 – for now it is not clear whether for all models or only for premium ones.

Why does the charger disappear? Apple says it has made the decision to help clean up the environment – or at least curb its pollution. So you already have a charger and maybe even more. Why would you need a new one that you probably won’t even take out of the box? So it only delivers a cable, a bit more resistant, if the pictures above are true, which you can use with what you already have, because the charging is controlled in the cable anyway.

Apple will have for sale, for iPhone 12, iPad, Watch and not only a charger with a power of 20 watts. In fact, obviously, the company was accused of not protecting the planet, but of making even more money from users. Which wouldn’t be false, because he’s done something like this in the past.

A few generations before the iPhone 12, Apple did a bit of gymnastics in Excel: instead of offering a 128 GB iPhone, it only had 64 GB and 256 GB for sale. The strategy is still active with the 2019 models. The exception is the iPhone SE, launched in 2020 and which has a 128 GB version.

The calculation, as I said about Excel, is extremely simple and applies excellently to the lack of the charger in the box of iPhone 12. The company spends little on memory (the difference between 128 and 256 GB was, in the factory, about $ 15 the iPhone X). But by eliminating the 128 GB option, Apple gains more without doing anything extra. Indeed without doing, because it no longer occupies the production line with an additional version.

  • If there was a 128 GB iPhone X: 64 GB – 1,000 dollars / 128 GB – $ 1,100 / 256 GB – $ 1,200
  • iPhone X as it hit the market: $ 64 – $ 1.00 / $ 256 – $ 1,150

As you can see from the above prices, it was more efficient to jump over 128 GB. We have brought the prices for iPhone 11 Pro below.

In short, if there was a version of 128 GB, would have been somewhere at 6,000 lei (if not even 5,900 lei) and users would have preferred it to the detriment of a phone with 256 GB. Finally, you got it: simple and efficient scheme.

You also have a charger, but for money – from Apple and third parties

There are currently three groups that are gaining from Apple’s strategy with the charger (or lack thereof) for the iPhone 12. Accessory manufacturers, Apple, and stores that sell SH products and accessories. The company promotes its strategy for environmental protection, accessory manufacturers rejoice, and the user is either in the situation where he also pays for the charger, or uses what he has around the house.

Apple’s strategy for Watch 6 and iPhone 12 starts from a truth: we all have chargers home. The omitted truth is this: not all chargers are equally good. It’s all about this fast charge. And here all these suppliers of money accessories will earn money. A fast charger will be expensive. A quick and safe one will be even more expensive.

Currently, an 18-watt Apple charger for iPhone costs over 200 lei. Third party suppliers have prices between 150 and 250 lei. These sums, seemingly small for a giant like Apple, are the ones that ensure a constant flow of even more billions on a large scale. At the same time, it makes third-party manufacturers even harder to promote Apple products.

We’ve put all this on the list so you won’t be surprised when the iPhone 12 launches. With the Apple announcement, you can prepare for something else: all other premium Android phone manufacturers to do the same.


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