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In the beginning he was enthusiastic about the wife of his son Prince Andrew, but in time Prince Philip became one of her most consistent critics. One moment in particular is said to have split him and Fergie. That is what a new biography about Phi claims

When Prince Andrew introduced Sarah Ferguson as his fiancée in March 1986, Prince Philip was said to have been very happy. In Prince Philip Revealed, writer Ingrid Seward writes: “When he was asked about her, he was – by his standards – pretty exuberant. ‘I’m glad he’s getting married,’ said Philip. ‘I think Sarah is going to be a big one Ingrid Seward writes. On July 23, 1986, Fergie and Andrew tied the knot at Westminster Abbey. But enrichment became a problem over time.

Sarah Ferguson struggles with married life

“Fergie seemed to be having too much fun and was accused of enjoying her position and, in the worst case, being ‘a parasite’,” Seward sums up the situation. Another sticking point should have been Fergie’s dissatisfaction with their marriage: Andrew was more on the road than at home because of his job with the Navy. A circumstance that Fergie couldn’t handle. When Philip heard this, Seward notes that he sought a conversation with his daughter-in-law. Regarding his own family and relationship problems, he advised Fergie: “The Mountbattens did it, and so did you. Stiffen that lip, old girl.” In plain English: “Pull yourself together, old girl!” but rather ungalantly worded advice apparently missed its goal.

Fergie and Philip’s relationship worsens

Seward writes that he was increasingly annoyed about his daughter-in-law and what he called her “antics”. A thorn in the side of Philip, for example, was Fergie’s informality towards the staff. So Philip is said to have started criticizing Fergie at every opportunity.

“It was the death knell for their relationship”

Ingrid Seward writes about the two of them in her book: “Fergie got nervous around him, and when she tried to have polite conversations, Philip made her feel his contempt. He also poked Andrew, teasing him at every opportunity. She thought so so insulting, she told me, that it gave her the courage to admonish Philip when he reprimanded Andrew at dinner one day. She told him no doubt that he couldn’t speak to Andrew like that. It was the death knell for their relationship. Philip just doesn’t like being challenged by someone he thinks is intellectually inferior. ” On March 19, 1992, Fergie and Andrew announced their separation, and in 1996 they divorced.

See you again after almost three decades

26 years would pass before Prince Philip and Fergie would meet again: at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, 30, and Jack Brooksbank, in October 2018. A small sensation, the two were photographed together again for the first time in such a long time. Ingrid Seward: “It may not have been promising, but it paved the way for a better relationship between the two – so much so that Sarah and Andrew last year [2019] were invited to dine with the Queen and Philip at Windsor Castle. “

Source used: mailonline.co.uk / “Prince Philip Revealed“ by Ingrid Seward was published on October 1st, 2020 by Simon & Schuster


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