Confirmed Friday with the new coronavirus, the White House leader was hospitalized at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

From there, the US president posts daily messages that he is working hard to recover and promises to return to the arena of the November 3 election campaign.

But not everyone thinks Donald Trump is really infected with the new coronavirus.

Some suggest that the US president is thus trying to avoid the next two presidential debates, after coming out wrinkled from the first. Moreover, others suspect that Trump is looking for a reason to postpone the presidential election. These doubts also stem from the fact that the American president has spread a lot of contradictory information about the coronavirus in the last eight months.

Among those who have doubts about Trump’s condition are Jelani Cobb, a journalist with The New Yorker, and Anand Giridhadas, an editor at Time.

The announcement of President Trump’s illness was followed by an avalanche of conspiracy theories promoted by both the American leader’s supporters and the overseas left. On the Parler social application, where QAnon supporters gathered after being kicked out of other platforms, there was a lot of speculation about the significance of the announcement.

QAnon supporters, who believe the pandemic is a prank to distract everyone from a circle of pedophiles made up of Democratic leaders and Hollywood stars, have expressed delight at Trump’s announcement because they believe the diagnosis of coronavirus infection The president’s cover is for the arrest of Hillary Clinton. Their interpretation came from the president’s tweet.

After confirming the positive result of the test, Trump wrote: “We will go through this TOGETHER!” But it seems that QAnon followers read this as, “TO GET HER.” Supporters of the left, members of the Democratic Party and Hollywood stars believe that the president “falsified” his diagnosis for several reasons. Some say Trump is pretending to have COVID-19 in order not to take part in the two remaining debates with Joe Biden, after the lamentable show that marked the first direct confrontation between the two candidates.

“Honestly, when a man lies so much, am I wrong when I imagine another false cry for an October surprise?” That Trump claims a positive test, will he present himself as asymptomatic, or will he claim to be healed with bleach, and then reject COVID again as a democratic farce? I’m wrong, aren’t I? ” wrote on Twitter the screenwriter David Simon, a prominent critic of the president. Another theory is that the president is lying about the diagnosis, so that he can later boast of a quick recovery from a virus that “was not so bad.”

Donald Trump posted a four-minute video on Saturday night saying he was “feeling well.” “I came here, I didn’t feel so good, now I feel better. We are working hard to recover, “he said.

The video comes after conflicting information about Trump’s health since he was hospitalized on Friday night, hours after he announced on Twitter that he and his first wife, Melania Trump, had contracted the virus.

A doctor on the medical team said Saturday morning that Trump’s condition is improving and that he is already talking about returning to the White House. Within minutes, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows gave reporters a less rosy assessment: “The president’s vital signs in the last 24 hours have been very worrying and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of care. to. We are not yet on a clear path to a full recovery. ” Meadows, whose initial comments were made on condition of anonymity, changed his message a few hours later, telling Reuters that Donald Trump was “very well” and that “doctors are very pleased with his vital signs.” Meadows did not clarify the discrepancy in his comments. A Trump adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the president was not happy to learn of Meadows’ initial comments, Reuters reported.

Administration officials have moved the move to Walter Reed Hospital as a precaution and said Trump will stay here for a few days.