Why Prince Frederik is never crowned king

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Prince Frederik is heir to the throne in Denmark. But still he will never be crowned – even if his mother, Queen Margrethe, dies. But why?

From crown prince to king: Prince Frederik still has this way to go. How exactly the process will be has already been determined. But if you think of a royal coronation with him and have the magnificent pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 in your head, you are mistaken. A change of the throne in Denmark would look different!

Queen Margrethe remains in office until the last hour

Queen Margrethe herself has stated that she will remain queen until she – as she puts it herself – “falls off the shelf”. From the second Margrethe takes her last breath, her eldest son Frederik is the new King of Denmark.

Prince Frederik becomes King Frederik

Then it goes for King Frederik X., as Crown Prince Frederik would be called as king, according to a fixed formal process. After a mourning salute for the deceased Queen Margrethe II, the flags are half-mast at Amalienborg Palace and the music corps of the life guards plays. The Minister of State is the first to be informed of the monarch’s death and convenes the Council of State. Then the new king of the balcony of Christiansborg Palace is proclaimed. There is also a fixed formula for this: “Queen Margrethe II is dead. Long live King Frederik X.”.

Afterwards, the king, together with his wife, then Queen Mary, will address his first words to the people via microphone and proclaim his motto.

Between Denmark and Down And … Princess Mary + Prince Freder … (3273)

Just a symbolic act for the new King Frederik

Actually, it doesn’t even need a balcony. Because the proclamation is only a symbolic act, Frederik becomes king with the death of Margaret. A reader of the Danish magazine “Billed-Bladet” wanted to know more about it and asked when Denmark had stopped crowning the king. Accordingly, after the constitution was introduced in 1849, no king has been crowned, since then they have been proclaimed from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace.

The first coronation in the history of Denmark took place with the King Knuts VI. held in 1170. After that, the monarchs were crowned until 1648, only anointed until 1848 when they inherited the crown.

What if Margrethe abdicated after all?

The tradition of the abdication of a monarch does not yet exist in Denmark. If Queen Margrethe wanted to say goodbye to the throne during her lifetime, a new protocol would have to be discussed.

Denmark’s Queen of Colors Queen Margrethe (1236738)

Incidentally, the queen would not have to resign even if she was unable to formally carry out her official duties, for example for health reasons. Then Frederik is formally Crown Prince Regent until his mother’s death and continues to carry out all constitutional tasks – just as he does now when Margrethe is out of the country.

Proclamation in the film

How a proclamation in Denmark looks like in a film can be seen on the official YouTube channel of the royal family look at. There you can see a short film of the moving scene when Queen Margrethe – all in black – steps out onto the balcony as the new monarch.


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