Young (and not so) content creators are finding in twitch a perfect platform to reach audiences that, in some cases, surpass YouTube and by far other social networks in decline, such as twitter or instagram. The football players, in addition, they have found in Ibai Llanos and its unmistakable character an escape route to have fun, which in turn generates a greater expectation among fans.

The best example is what happened on November 5. Ibai summoned several friends with whom he usually broadcasts games to the ‘Among Us’, the fashionable online video game in which to find who is the impostor murderer among the participants, with two very special guests: the Kun Agüero, which is already almost a fixed in these games, and Neymar, which was released in a big way. Short Courteous this time.

If the night already started with an epic trolling to Llanos, as the game progressed they left epic moments, such as that of Neymar winning three consecutive games being the impostor without being caught or the Brazilian’s own farewell from the PSG, that with his fourth win (supported by The Fox, Ibai’s good friend and G2 teammate) left the game in style.

Ibai ended the night exultant, as his twitch channel broke records. Only in direct reached almost 260,000 viewers in its golden minute, but it is that in just 12 hours that game has already reached more than 3,300,000 viewers. Audiences that already would like to have many television channels on any given night.

Of course, it is already the most watched broadcast on your channel, both live and accumulated.

Watch the complete game between Ibai, Agüero, Neymar and other youtubers