A few months ago, Uber implemented as a security measure that no user and driver could take or make a trip without wearing a mask. At the beginning, the company used as a tool the option that drivers took a selfie to validate that they used face masks on their trips since last May, but now this measure will also be applied to users, although not all will have to take a selfie before a trip.

Who should take a selfie?

As mentioned by Uber, users who have previously received reports for not wearing a mask will receive a notification in the application before taking the trip that will ask them to take a selfie to validate that they are wearing a mask and be able to take the trip. Uber ensures that with this function the platform will be much safer for everyone.

The most used private transport company in Mexico also mentioned that since the confirmation tests for the use of face masks with selfie began in May of this year, more than 28 million confirmations have been made throughout Latin America, and only in less than 0.6 % of trips a report has been presented in which the driver or passenger did not wear a mask.

Because the number of reports is intended to be 0%, Uber has made it clear that both driving partners and users can cancel the trip if one of the two parties is not using the mask.

The director of Uber in Mexico, Gretta González mentioned the following in this regard:

“In Uber without a mask there is no trip, and we mean it. We all have a shared responsibility to help keep our community safe and healthy. Medical experts agree that wearing a mask can help decrease the spread of COVID-19, which is why we have made it a requirement for all who use the application and developed this confirmation technology for both driver partners and users. ”.