Why is Trump’s party the elephant and Biden’s the donkey?

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On November 3, 2020, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of the United States will compete for the votes of the citizens in the presidential elections, whose candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Biden, respectively.

With the electoral campaign, two animals take center stage, the elephant and the donkey, which can be seen represented in electoral debates, on T-shirts or in other products of merchandising. Both animals represent each of the two political parties: the Republican is the elephant, while the Democrat is the donkey.

The Democratic donkey was the first to appear in Andrew Jackson’s election campaign, in 1828, due to an insulting nickname given to the candidate by his opponents. Far from being offended by the nickname, Jackson himself used posters with the image of a donkey during the campaign.

For its part, the Republican elephant is believed to have first appeared in an Illinois newspaper during Abraham Lincoln’s electoral campaign in 1860, an animal that the rest of the Republican candidates endorsed as a symbol of strength, as indicated by the media BBC.

Later, the famous cartoonist Thomas Nast made both symbols famous by depicting them in different works that appeared in different media. These are two of his works, where you can see the drawings that show the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey.

The elephant of the Republican Party of the United States.
The elephant of the Republican Party of the United States.
The donkey of the Democratic Party of the United States.
The donkey of the Democratic Party of the United States.



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