Why is the vote count so slow in the United States?

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The Americans voted on Tuesday, November 3, but it is Thursday and the results are not yet known and it is not known who will be the president. Before the elections, the Democratic Party had the polls in its favor to close four years of Donald Trump. However, the slow counting of the presidential votes and the tight result in key states overshadows the advantage of Joe Biden and a very close battle is predicted.

The election night was very long and it is not over yet. It is the first time in 20 years that Americans went to bed without knowing who their new president would be. The reasons for this slow count is the historic avalanche of early voting, which reached a record in these elections, exceeding 100 million of votes, driven by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the organization U.S. Elections Project. The institution of the University of Florida indicated that the votes in advance totaled 100,796,871 in total, of which 35.9 million correspond to votes in person registered in the previous days and another 64.8 million to votes by mail.

Why is voting by mail so slow? This is because vote-by-mail ballots generally take longer to process than those cast in person. And to top it all, states have different rules on how mail ballots can be counted. The ballot contains six pages and it asks for a lot of information. What in Spain is filled in 2 minutes, this would take a long time to fill and, therefore, count it. Here’s what the ballot looks like:

Example of a vote by mail ballot in the US


Some states began counting the ballots weeks ago, but in others it has not been possible since they have been prevented by Republicans, according to The New York Times. This is the case of Pennsylvania (another key state) that they have not been able to start counting until Wednesday, the day the vote by mail arrived, and that was added to the fact that the Trump campaign and the Republican allies prevented counties from processing votes before the elections.

Added to this are the technical difficulties they have had in some counties such as Georgia, which have explained that this makes advance “very slowly”. Remember that Georgia is one of the key states in determining Biden’s victory. “Accuracy is the key element, for those who win and for those who lose. We want to be sure that we do everything well, that everything is told,” said the Secretary of State. The United States was not prepared for this avalanche of vote by mail and the recount is still done in the traditional way. In the polling stations they are working day and night to advance.

“We are trying our best to achieve it as soon as possible, but we will work 24 hours, overnight, to do it, “said Lisa Deeley, president of the Philadelphia City Commissioners. As the count continues, with its delays and difficulties, the president of the United States threatens a legal battle that will take a long time.

The legal battle

The reelection campaign of US President Donald Trump on Wednesday challenged the scrutiny in four key states and is trying to stop the scrutiny. Georgia is the third key state – along with Pennsylvania and Michigan – in which the Trump campaign you have filed a lawsuit to challenge some aspect of the count, while in another territory, Wisconsin, the president’s team has requested a recount of all the votes.

“We will not allow Democratic election officials steal these elections from the presidente Trump with late and illegal ballots, “the” number two “of the president’s re-election campaign, Justin Clark, said in a statement.

The lawsuit, filed in Chatham County, where the city of Savannah is located and which is Democratic-leaning, alleges that “a Republican observer observed how 53 ballots were added illegally late to a lot of ballots cast on time by mail “in that county, Clark explained. And it’s not the only indictment, the president is challenging all the results that he is not interested in in key states.



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