Why is it taking so long for the battle between Trump and Biden to be decided?

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It is now Friday and the United States is still waiting for the results of the presidential elections. Why is it taking so long for President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger Joe Biden to be declared the winner?

Many votes have been sent by post

It is not uncommon for the decision not to be made on election day. For example, it took longer during the 2000 election for President George W. Bush to be declared the winner.

The wait for the results of 2020 is taking a long time because the turnout is much higher than in 2016, when about 137 million people voted. It is now expected that at least 160 million Americans have cast their vote. This of course means that more votes must be counted.

The corona crisis has also gripped the United States. That is why Democrats in particular have encouraged their voters to vote by mail. This has been responded to en masse. It takes longer to count these votes because the verification is more complex than for votes cast in the polling station.

In addition, in a number of states, mainly by order of the Republicans, it was not allowed to start counting these votes by mail until election day. States like Florida had already counted these votes in the days leading up to election day. This was not the case in Pennsylvania.

It is also important to note that counting is still ongoing in almost all US states. In many of these states, however, it is impossible or unlikely that one of the candidates will catch up with his opponent. The focus is on the States where things are still exciting and where the decision about the presidency is likely to be made.



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