Huawei has had to make big changes in its decisions and bets after the US veto of Donald Trump on the trade list, a situation that prevented the Chinese company from having a relationship with other companies to continue developing their devices.

However, Huawei has known how to get ahead, offering users their own services and their own app store.

In addition, the company is working on a global alternative to the operating system that it offers Google Y we have seen it with the development of Harmony OS.

On the other hand, Huawei dispose of Honor, a sub-brand that includes a series of mobile devices focused on the youth market and that has achieved a global presence.

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The future of Honor and Huawei

A renowned analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, has made efforts to analyze the current situation of the Chinese company and, within its predictions, considers that Honor could play a fundamental role in the growth of Huawei.

Ming-Chi Kuo consider that Honor It is a very valuable sub-brand not so much for its technology, but for the positioning and recognition it has achieved in the world.

Therefore, the analyst pointed out that if Huawei sells to the company, it would become a 100% independent brand, allowing it to be able to buy electronic components and do business with US companies, as it did before the veto, which would allow it to recover its initial path.

Besides that, Ming-Chi Kuo consider that Huawei would have more freedom to focus more on higher-end models, since with HonorEfforts have been made to develop more affordable and accessible devices.

Remember that this is only an opinion of the analyst, who enjoys a reputation for making predictions about other technology companies such as Apple, so it does not represent any absolute truth, nor does it reflect the decisions to be considered by Huawei.

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The truth is Harmony OS will start to become very relevant from the following year, so Huawei could surprise you with the development of your own software and your future plans.