He running It seems to have become the sport in fashion since more and more people dare to go out and walk a few kilometers as a method to get in shape. HoweverThere are other disciplines that are gaining more followers every day, and not only because they are good for practicing sports. Cycling is one of those practices and it is not surprising since, in addition to exercising, for many it is a social experience in which they share rides on wheels with friends and acquaintances who have the same hobby. Likewise, there are also those who use bicycles as a means of transport to move around cities quickly and ecologically.

Therefore, it is important to find the right bicycle for us according to the use that we are going to give it. But, in addition, we can count on an endless number of accessories that improve the experience of use with this means of transport and that guarantee our safety when we are using it. The helmet and lights are essential, but it is interesting to carry a repair kit whenever we go out to shoot in case we suffer a puncture or breakdown. In the technological field, also there is a wide variety of very practical devices when it comes to cycling, like GPS, though it usually has a high price and, for that reason, there are many who renounce to acquire it.

However, we have the solution so you can go out on a bicycle and let yourself be guided by the GPS … on your mobile! To be able to carry this device on two wheels, you just have to install a waterproof bag that has a space for the phone with a touch screen that protects it. But, in addition, also it has a large storage space to store everything you need… and all for 16 euros!

The cover to store the mobile, by Turata.

Three reasons why you should take one on your bike

  • Space and compatibility for any mobile. To ensure that most smartphones, even the most up-to-date ones, will fit in this bag, the compartments are spacious and secure. In fact, in addition to the mobile, you can put batteries, chargers, keys, wallet and any other object that is important.
  • Very thoughtful materials. So that we can freely use the mobile phone, the material that covers this case is made of highly sensitive TPU, which allows you to use the touch screen without difficulty.
  • Waterproof and with sun visor. Designed to protect from the rain, this device has a sun visor on the top that helps it not to reflect on the sun screen and, thus, the GPS is useful and functional at all times.

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