He wastewater study It has become a surprise ally in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting Spain with a second wave. Since the arrival of the virus, these waters around the nation are analyzed to collect samples and discover if there are traces of Covid-19 in them.

In the results it is possible detect both symptomatic and asymptomatic people since “it is eliminated by faeces, which go to wastewater”, explains one of the researchers. These waters are accessed thanks to the control points that have been established along the sanitation network.

In the same way, it allows to know the population nucleus that is infected and the amount of viral load in organisms infected. Experts also point out that it could foresee a regrowth, which would allow action to be taken before the virus spreads.

“It could help to know, before we have the positive CRP figures, that in that city, in that neighborhood, there are increasing coronavirus cases“explains another of the scientists.

Furthermore, another advantage offered by this study is that it could provide health authorities with the enough data to decide to confine the distrust to an area when the results of the samples taken reflect that there is no viral load in them.