Why Hamilton wasn’t punished more harshly after the collision with Verstappen

He himself did not agree with his sentence, but the FIA ​​stewards saw Lewis Hamilton as the culprit for the collision with title rival Max Verstappen on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix. The motorsport federation now has the details of the sentence and penalty.

Formula 1 expected a thrilling battle at Silverstone between the main contenders for the title. The fight actually took place, but it was only for half an round. Lewis HamiltonFired Max Verstappenhe made multiple attacks in the first kilometers. He did it again on the old straight starting at the finish, and heading towards Copse Corner. MercedesBetween Verstappen’s car & the wall. Verstappen crashed into Verstappen’s car as they entered the corner. Verstappen then slipped into the tire stacks at high speeds. Verstappen had to be taken to Silverstone to have his health checked. Hamilton would then win the British Grand Prix eight times.

There was clearly a debate about who was responsible for the crash immediately after it happened. Red Bull RacingHamilton was bombed to the man who was wrong. At Mercedes, it was argued the Brit wasn’t. Christian Horner and Totowolff were both team bosses. They even went to the stewards to discuss who was to blame. Hamilton was found guilty and was penalized with a ten-second penalty. This he was able recoup during his one pit stop. His super license was also suspended by Hamilton, which brought his cumulative points for the past twelve months to four. After the race, the FIA ​​gave clarity on how the penalty came about.

The document prepared by the stewards states that “The stewards had viewed video footage and Telemetry.” They blame Hamilton, who failed to keep the inside at Copse Corner. Car 33 [Verstappen]44 [Hamilton]Arrived at Turn 9 with car 33 leading and car 44 following on the inside. Car 44 was positioned on a line which did not reach the bend’s edge, leaving space in the interior. Car 44 was not able to avoid the contact when car 33 turned into the corner. Instead, the left front of 44 collided with the right rear bumper of car 33. Car 44 is considered to be the most wrong.”

This last point is vital and is why the race management has imposed a time penalty of ten seconds and no harsher sanction. Hamilton is the main culprit. However, the stewards say that Hamilton is not the only one to blame. Hamilton fell to fourth in the race after Hamilton’s ten-second penalty. This was behind Charles Leclerc ValtteriBottas Lando Norris and ValtteriBottas. He finished the race in the second half one after the other, with Leclerc only being beaten in the fifth of 52 laps. Hamilton narrowed Verstappen’s lead in the title fight to eight points.

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