“Why don’t you shut up?”, “It’s difficult to talk to this clown” … the most talked about lines of the Trump-Biden debate

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The first face to face between the president of the United States and Republican candidate for reelection, Donald Trump, and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, led to chaos, constant interruptions and personal attacks on Tuesday.

These are some of the most talked about moments starting with the “Why don’t you shut up, man?” de Biden a Trump.

“Why don’t you shut up, man?

Frustrated by Trump’s interruptions, which prevented him from spinning a speech with which, incidentally, Biden avoided answering a question from the moderator on the Supreme Court, the Democrat snapped at the president “Why don’t you shut up, man?”

“Keep chattering, man”Biden added, as Trump continued to speak and the moderator chose to turn the page. “It has been a very productive part,” said the former vice president of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017 ironically, closing what has been the most commented moment of the debate.

“This is going to be a fraud. It is not going to end well.”

Trump took advantage of the debate to fan, once again, the fire that he himself has lit on a alleged electoral fraud perpetrated by Democrats and encouraged their supporters to remain vigilant during the elections.

“I would like my fans to go to the polls and watch carefully, I urge you to do so, “said the president when questioned about a scenario in which the winner of the elections is not known for days.

“This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen, it is something horrible for our country. This is not going to end well, “said Trump, who refused to promise to wait for the result without declaring himself the winner:” If I see tens of thousands of votes being manipulated, I cannot tolerate it. “

“Clown, excuse me, person”

When the moderator, Chris Wallace, gave Biden “the last word” in one of the debate blocks, the Democrat responded: “It is difficult to talk to this clown”, although he immediately rectified: “Excuse me, person.”

Trump, curiously, did not enter the rag, perhaps satisfied to have made biden lose his papers with its constant interruptions.

“Who would you like me to condemn?”

Another of the most talked about moments occurred when Wallace urged Trump to condemn the white supremacism and its violence, a very direct question that the president haggled with difficulties but avoiding, once again, questioning the extreme right.

“Sure, I’m willing (to condemn him), but I’d say Almost everything I see is from the left wing not from the right wing, “the president said.

“Who would you like me to condemn? Proud Boys (a group of the far right) take a step back and be prepared – Trump continued -, but I tell you something, I will tell you that someone has to do something with Antifa (anarchists) and the left because this is not a problem of the right wing “.

Moderator moment

Wallace was one of the protagonists of the debate, trying without much success stop the president’s feet, but it was towards the end of the head-to-head that the moderator exploded over Trump’s interruptions to Biden.

“Mr. President, your campaign agreed that both parties they would have two minute responses. Uninterrupted. Why don’t you abide by what your campaign agreed to as a ground rule? “Snapped Wallace, host of the conservative Fox News.”He never keeps his word “, Biden sentenced.



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