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The unstoppable The Rock is the third human with the most Instagram followers in the world. Dwayne Johnson touches the 200 million followers he thanks in a video.

Behind the success of a past career in wrestling and a present career in the film industry, there is a gift that Dwayne Johnson in part he had and in part he has cultivated over time, that of being a great communicator. Fighting and winning in the ring has never been a question of muscles, but of charisma. The more the public liked a wrestler for his style, the further he went. The Rock could stir up crowds because he had intuited the mechanisms of entertainment, what took hold and what didn’t, when to be a hero and when to be a villain, how to be brutal and at the same time respectful towards opponents. He then entered the Hollywood community as an outsider, with humility and with his usual perseverance, observing the entrepreneurial dynamics and then applying them on himself as a product to sell. The soul, however, has never failed, because he is one who suffered from hunger as a boy and, when this happens, that hunger remains forever. He sweated blood to make ends meet, for himself and his mother while his father disappeared. He often made a mistake by getting arrested nine times before he turned 17 for fighting or theft. Fortunately for him, he quickly matured and managed to channel the anger he had within him into various activities that, although they did not take off like the sports career in American football, led him step by step towards the right path.

Dwayne Johnson: Why is The Rock so popular?

Because Dwayne Johnson like it? The reason is the same as when he was in the ring, because he is charismatic and has a natural disposition for leadership with the difference, compared to many other leaders, of knowing how to speak from the heart. In his Instagram posts there is the essence of his unfiltered personality, as he never had filters. What is undoubtedly not lacking is a team of collaborators and marketing experts who know how to give him good advice on when and what to post, even if it is evident that the contents are all his own work. Whether it is:

  • self-deprecating posts on how he breaks his diet
  • motivational posts with workouts in the gym at 5 am
  • promotional posts for his role as an actor and / or producer in the entertainment world
  • commercial posts for its partnership with Under Armor
  • corporate posts for the tequila distillery he founded

what he says / tells / explains often runs along the lines of the boring, redundant, false, yet never is because of the undeniable genuineness with which he addresses us. He is a businessman, of course, and he embodies what we all could be if we applied ourselves 150% on our projects. Express gratitude all the time for the dream life he leads today, but he does so in an extremely humble and grateful way, attributing the success in equal parts to luck, hard work and “audience who is my first employer“. He is compassionate with those who are less fortunate and in his posts he does not fail to give space to fans, both on the cinema front and on the tequila front. When he gives life lessons he does so indirectly, telling anecdotes about himself and what life has taught him, and he also knows how to show the side that makes him more human, when he shares some remnants of everyday life in the family with his daughters or when he talks about the death of his father who was not able to say goodbye.

His is a few days ago first real politically, in view of the US presidential elections of 3 November. The Rock posted an interview with the Democratic candidate for his many followers Joe Biden and the vice Kamala Harris, effectively offering them a space to extend the electoral campaign. In the video he posted for reaching the quota 200 million followers on Instagram (in front of him there are only Cristiano Ronaldo e Ariana Grande) says, once again, something true:

“Here is what I have learned in recent weeks when perhaps you can find something useful to apply in your own lives. Always tell the truth. And when you say it, do it with dignity, compassion, respect, balance and empathy. Even when the conversation becomes uncomfortable. , if you have approached with care and respect, on the other side of the inconvenience there is clarity and progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the space to be able to say what I think. You have my word that I will always do it with dignity, respect , empathy and gratitude. That’s the lesson I’ve learned. “

Now, wouldn’t you vote for a US presidential candidate who puts it this way? Because it looks like it’s headed for the White House, Dwayne Johnson, like having hinted in past interviews. Maybe in four years already. Or maybe in eight. Right now he is the most followed American on Instagram. And it’s not cheap.

Here’s what I’ve learned these past few weeks and maybe, you can find value in this take away and apply it to your own life. Always speak your truth. And when you do speak your truth – do your best to speak with dignity, compassion, respect, poise and empathy. Even when the conversations get uncomfortable – when you approach with respect and care – on the other side of discomfort – is clarity and progress. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving me the space to speak my truth. You have my word, I’ll always do my best to speak my truth with dignity, respect, empathy and GRATITUDE. That’s my lesson I’ve learned. And the result of speaking my truth is I was just informed, I’ve surged past and blown by 200 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Instagram and over 300 MILLION FOLLOWERS across all platforms – officially becoming/ The #1 followed man in America. The #1 followed American man in the world. And most importantly, the #1 daddy at home. Love you guys, I always got your back and let’s keep rockin’ 🖤👊🏾 #speakyourtruth #dignityrespectgratitude #thatsoursuperpower 🇺🇸

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