Valtteri Bottas had to bend in the time of the Portuguese GP. Scarce loss To Lewis Hamilton highlighted the different tactics of the Mercedes duo.

At the end of the time trials, the driver’s duo suddenly crashed into the track with a medium-hard tire mixture. Usually the fastest time lap is run with the softest tire set.

Hamilton set off on the track well in advance of Bota. As for the Finn, everything looked good when he grabbed the fastening to the pole position with time on the clock dropping to zero.

However, Hamilton managed to get back to the pole position with his second time lap. Bottas did a good job with his only company.

After the session, the Finn was asked about tactical choices, both in terms of tires and the number of companies.

– We had data that showed medium tires were better. It seemed like a faster option. I also had the option to choose either one fast lap or two fast laps with one slower lap in between. One pull allowed for a smaller gas load, so I chose it, Bottas said

Bottas described his round as reasonable. The pole position slipped to the teammate by 0.102 seconds.

– Maybe I should have run two laps, Bottas admitted.

For tomorrow’s race, Bottas will start from the dirty side of the track.

– The other half would have been better, but I will do my best from the second square, Bottas promised.