“We don’t have to cry, whoever ends up escapes, even though we want it to be something else, life on earth is too beautiful, if you know how to do it, to be something to live for.” I wrote in one of my notebooks… I prayed to God if we were to reincarnate, for nothing in the world not to do, I am able to do anything not to be born because I love life so much. I am happy with everything, that we are here, that we are talking, that you came to see me… ”, said Draga Olteanu Matei in an interview with TVR.

Draga Olteanu Matei was born in Bucharest, on October 24, 1933. She graduated from the “IL Caragiale” Institute of Theater and Cinematography in 1956.

In September, the same year, he debuted in the play “Journalists” by Alexandru Mirodan. Between 1957 and 1990, he performed on the stage of the National Theater in Bucharest.

In theater, he starred in “Coana Chiriţa” after Alecsandri, for which he also wrote screenplays (“Coana Chiriţa” -1986 and “Chiriţa în Iaşi” – 1987), “Gaiţele” by Kiriţescu, “Căruţa cu paie” by Mircea Ştefănescu, “Hagi Tudose” by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, “Miss Nastasia” by GM Zamfirescu, “The Cat on New Year’s Eve” by DR Popescu and “The Author is in the Hall” by Ion Băieşu.

He starred in Maxim Gorky’s “Night Asylum” and “Earth Crime”, a dramatization of Dinu Sararu’s novel of the same name, on the stage of the Bucharest National Theater.

Dear Olteanu Matei made his debut in the feature film “Blanca” (1955), directed by Mihai Iacob and Constantin Neagu, together with Amza Pellea and Silvia Popovici.

He has starred in 90 film productions. He had partners Dem Rădulescu in “Tonight we dance in the family” (1972), Marin Moraru and Emil Hossu in “Toamna Bobocilor” (1975), Amza Pelea in “Nea Mărin miliardar” (1978). He was incomparable in “Patima” (1975), “Illustrated with wildflowers” (1975), “Bucharest Bulletin” (1982) and “Marriage with repetition” (1985).

For her role in “The Famous Paparazzo” (1999) she was awarded the Romanian Filmmakers Union Award.

After his retirement from the National Theater, he retired to Piatra Neamţ, where he founded in collaboration with the House of Culture of Trade Unions, the theater company “Your Theater”. Dear Olteanu Matei staged, among others, the shows “The dream of a winter night” by Tudor Muşatescu and “The man who saw death” by Victor Eftimiu.

At the 2010 Gopo Awards Gala, the actress was awarded the Gopo Award for her entire career.

Since 2007 he is an Honorary Citizen of Piatra Neamţ.

Since 2011, Draga Olteanu Matei has a star on Aleea Celebrităţilor in Piaţa Timpului in Bucharest.

“Thank God, thank you all, those who came here and those who are not here, because thanks to you I was an actress, I tried with all my heart to make you happy and to support your well-being,” he said. the actress at the event.

The Order of the Romanian Crown in the rank of Officer was handed to her in 2014 by Princess Margareta. She was honored in 2018 by the National Culture Day, at the Romanian Athenaeum.

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