Hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in many European countries can collapse in the next few weekss as a consequence of the increase in cases Covid-19.

This has been warned by the doctor responsible for emerging diseases and zoonoses of the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove, who has reiterated that the pandemic situation in Europe is “very worrying” , as the number of hospital admissions and ICU admissions are increasing, without the winter and flu season having yet arrived.

“We need all European countries to make an honest assessment of the situation they currently have, “said the doctor, to also urge Europeans to make” sacrifices “to help others.

Health reports almost 20,000 new Covid infections and 231 more deaths

And taking advantage of his intervention, Van Kerkhove recalled the importance of washing hands, wearing a mask, ensuring personal distance and staying home if they have to. However, it has underlined the importance of governments helping their populations to comply with the imposed measures. “We need a collective unity, be together and see what we can do and how we can control the situation at the individual level, “he concluded.