WHO warns of a third wave in 2021 and reproaches Europe for not having acted like Asia in the summer

The special envoy for the WHO Covid, David Nabarro, has affirmed that Europe is likely to experience a third wave of Covid in early 2021, before a vaccine becomes available on the mainland. This has been assured in an interview in the Swiss newspaper Solothurn Newspaper in which he has defended that European countries must learn from States such as Taiwan or South Korea, models of success in controlling the pandemic

“You have to react to the virus quickly, forcefully and decisively, especially in the beginning, when it is still spreading slowly. If you react halfway, the problem gets worse quickly“says Nabarro.

The WHO envoy has reproached the countries of the Old Continent for not taking advantage of the decline in cases in summer after the first wave to prevent future infections. “The necessary infrastructure construction was lost in the summer months after having the first wave under control. And now you have the second wave. If they don’t build the infrastructure now, they will have a third wave, early next year. “, has ventured.

Nabarro has warned that “the challenge for many Western European countries is to return to control the virus without having to resort to a lock “, a measure for which, he has said, “you pay a high price.”

Nabarro has praised the understanding between authorities and citizens in Asian countries. “The truth is that if we lived in South Korea, we would all know exactly who to contact when we have symptoms, who to contact if we are concerned. We would know who the responsible people are, where there have been outbreaks and what is being done about it.” “It has nothing to do with political philosophies or cultural differences.”

Finally, the WHO envoy has insisted on the seriousness of the situation. “This virus does not get tired and disappears at once. We now know that it has long-term consequences for one in twenty infected. It damages the organs. It is also about young and middle-aged people. It is not a trivial disease, but a very serious one. “



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