Dance teacher Marco Bjurström once ran the Dancing with the Stars program, but in recent years she has been able to follow dances in the audience. Although Bjurström no longer works on the program, he follows RTD intensively.

– Now the distance to this program has come so much that it is wonderful to look at it as a dancer, but so that there is no feeling that if I were doing this myself, I would do something different, he says.

Diligence pays off

Bjurström has been following the program for numerous seasons, but what does he say is the secret to successful competitors in RTD? Bjurström states that in his view, it is possible to go far in the program by being diligent.

– Perhaps you can get points by kidding and joking elsewhere, but you can’t in Finland, especially in the final stages, he says.

– I remember it even from the years when I myself ran the program, that what happens in it is that it (dance) takes with it. Then, if you can take the time and manage to train, then the Finns will especially be rewarded for seeing that the gang sees the effort and has trained.

According to Bjurström, Finns value entrepreneurship immensely.

– People reward you for trying to the fullest. Time can go a long way, even if it is not so terribly good, when the idea of ​​this program is not really that, but that learning, development and change and that cooperation begins to work.

Bjurström encourages program participants to listen specifically to their teachers.

– It’s worth listening to those teachers. However, teachers have the knowledge that standard dances and lattices have their own systems of rules that ordinary people may feel terribly strange about. It is worth listening to why, for example, there must be those cornerstones.

– Many can still surprise! Bjurström sums up.

Dances with the stars on MTV3 on Sundays at 7.30pm.