When the coronavirus vaccine is ready, new challenges will come. The first, to whom it applies first, once health personnel and people at risk are vaccinated. Scientists at the University of Oxford have created an algorithm that decide who should be vaccinated first.

As published by the Mirror, this algorithm will take into account several factors to establish a range of 11 priority grades.

Thus, sex, age, if the recipient is a smoker or not, if you are overweight, your job or even your income are part of the factors that are taken into account to establish priorities.

The basis for these characteristics is in studies that reveal, for example, that men have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill than women, or that mortality doubles in areas with lower income or poverty compared to rich areas. There are also studies that compare deaths from coronavirus based on the employment of the infected.

In any case, it will be within two weeks when the University of Oxford finally publishes the algorithm.