From “terrible and unfair,” as he previously called it, Donald Trump has now described Krieten Welker as “very professional,” after NBC News moderated the latest debate ahead of the Nov. 3 U.S. election. .

“By the way, I really respect the way you handle this (debate – no), I have to say,” Trump told Kristen Welker in the middle of the debate with his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, which took place in the country music capital, Nashville, Tennessee. , write Digi 24.

Kristen Welker, 44, is the second black woman in U.S. history to moderate a presidential debate, after Carole Simpson, who did so in 1992. Kristen has been a 2011 NBC News correspondent for the White House.

The moderator of the first face-to-face meeting between Trump and Biden, which took place in Cleveland (Ohio), journalist Chris Wallace confessed on Thursday that he was envious of the way the Welker-moderated debate took place, in the context of the debate. he has been plagued by countless outages, most of them from Trump.

“I’m jealous, I would have liked to moderate this debate,” Wallace told Fox News.

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