Actor Zac Efron, 32, has been one of Hollywood’s most sought after bachelors, but according to several Yankee magazines, he is no longer in the singles market. The reason for this is that, according to the papers, a new beloved, an Australian, has presumably been found alongside Vanessa valladares.

Soon after rumors of love started, magazines around the world have been trying to figure out who Vanessa Valladares is.

According to the Daily Mail, Valladares was working as a waitress when Efron became interested in him last summer. When the romance caught fire, Valladares is said to have left her job as a waitress to spend more time with the actress commission.

In addition to the waitress’s work, Efron’s alleged new loved one has also worked as a model. Valladares has posted pictures of his model descriptions on his Instagram account. He has been seen as the face of RVCA, Spell, Of The Sun and Love Street brands, among others.

Valladares and Efron are said to have recently been on a ski trip together, and based on Valladares ’Instagram photos, it can be concluded that Traveling has long been close to his heart. He has published pictures of Jaipur and Indonesia, among others, and said that due to the corona pandemic, his trip to Africa was canceled.

Efron is said to have already tried to even buy an apartment on the corner of Valladares’ home in Byron Beach, Australia. However, Efron’s offerings were not accepted, so he had to bury plans to buy a home in Australia, at least for now.

According to the latest information, Efron recently canceled his flight when he was scheduled to return to the United States from Australia. However, the actor has not confirmed that the reason for this was the love found on another continent.

Sources: Page Six, Daily Mail