Currently there are several ways to have exposure thanks to the Internet and under that logic there are people who not only manage to have a successful presence, but also know how to cover each network with different content.

For example, look at what happens to Pokimane, a streamer who at just 24 years old can boast millions of followers on Twitch -where he specializes in game broadcasts like Fortnite O League of Legends– Y YouTube -where it has covered areas such as ASMR.

When you talk about streaming on Twitch as a way of life, you also talk about donations what followers do to encourage the generation of content.

The range of donations It varies and it is obvious to assume that the more money a streamer receives, the happier they will be.

But Pokimane does not feel comfortable with the donations he receives when they are large, a complete anomaly when talking about streamers, and for that reason it surprised locals and strangers that he put a limit amount to donate.

The girl communicated through Twitter that she worked with Steamlabs so that the donations made on her channel have a five dollar cap, and invited that if someone wanted to contribute more money, do better to other causes.

‘I worked with Streamlabs to put a five dollar limit on donations on my channel! Thank you for supporting me to the point where I consider more of that unnecessary. Whoever is more generous, please support growing channels, charity or invest in yourselvesPokimane tweeted.

In a stream that delved into this decision, Pokimane said that receiving large amounts made it feel guilty.

The action of course won applause on social networks and we will see if other streamers do something similar with the donations.