Diego Maradona has become news after breaking the news of his admission this Monday in a hospital in Buenos Aires. The soccer player most appreciated by Argentine fans he has undergone surgery on Tuesday night for a bruise on his brain.

Maradona’s personal physician and the person in charge of his surgical intervention, is a renowned neurosurgeon, specialist in brain and spine surgery. Together with Dr. Ariel Sainz and Dr. Santiago Erice, he directs the Columna Baires clinic, also specialized in pathologies of the brain, spine and pain treatment.

Leopoldo Luque has been in contact with the former soccer player for four years, so he has become his personal doctor, a person he trusts and cwith the one that has strengthened their relationship in recent years.

In fact, the Argentine dedicated these words to Luque through his official Instagram account, where the two appear together: “Thank you very much to my doctor, @ Doctor.Luque, for always taking care of me, as if we were family. ”

He also dedicated a word to her on the same Instagram account, taking advantage of his birthday, which shows the good symphony that the two have, which goes beyond the relationship between doctor and patient: “I want to wish my ‘thrush’ a very happy birthday. Happy to do this journey together.”

He is a specialist in neurosurgery from the University of Buenos Aires, as well as by the Argentine College of Neurosurgery, where he also specialized in spinal surgery, as indicated by the web from your clinic.

In addition, he has carried out different scientific works. He was coordinator of the spinal cord chapter of the Argentine Association of Neurosurgery and member of the Editorial Committee of the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery. He has presented a total of 82 author and co-author papers at conferences related to the specialty and has made different publications in both national and international magazines.

After Diego Maradona’s operation, he was in charge of addressing the press to explain that the former footballer is recovering favorably from the operation, although it is still too early to know when he will leave the clinic.