Internationally recognized for countless successes in highly complex transplantation and reconstruction operations, surgeon Pedro Cavadas attends this Thursday to The anthill like invited to talk about his latest ‘miracle’ operations and certain aspects related to the coronavirus health crisis.

The new medical ‘miracle’ faced by doctor Pedro Cavadas

Dr. Cavadas has become one of the people more critical of the management of the pandemic in Spain and in the rest of the countries. One of his most controversial statements took place at the end of January when he declared that the data provided by China was not real. “You don’t have to be very clever to think that it’s 10 or 100 times more. “, highlighted in an interview in Public mirror.

This has not been the only opinion of Dr. Cavadas that has aroused controversy, as he has harshly criticized the management of the central government requesting that an audit be carried out and pointing out that “the result of the mismanagement of the measures to combat it is more harmful than the virus itself since it has a low mortality. In the same way, the surgeon stressed that “it has not been the virus, but the response that has caused an impoverishment in Spain”, in statements collected by Leon’s diary.

Performs nearly 2,000 surgeries each year

Dr. Pedro Cavadas, born in Valencia in 1965, He is considered an international eminence in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery for performing “miracles” in his operations. So much so that it has managed to save many patients from seemingly impossible and irreversible situations.

Carlota, the girl who can lose her limbs due to septicemia.
Carlota, the 4-year-old girl who Dr. Cavadas could save her limbs with an operation

Thanks to one of his latest interventions, Enol Jordán Castaño, a 23-year-old young man diagnosed with Warkamy syndrome, has managed to walk again after being operated on by Cavadas last year.

He has been dedicated to this field since 1994 and, together with his team of three surgeons, performs approximately 1,800 surgeries every year “using the most cutting-edge treatments to offer a solution to patients rejected from surgery or patients who have disabilities that are very difficult to repair “, as highlighted by the official website of your private clinic.

Since January 2011 he directed the Microsurgical and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Hospital de Manises (Valencia), but Now he is dedicated to operating in his Microsurgery and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Hospital Nisa 9 October (Valencia). In addition, he founded the Pedro Cavadas Foundation in Kenya with the aim of carrying out reconstructive and regenerative operations for free.

Most relevant milestones in the field of reconstructive surgery

Throughout his career, Dr. Cavadas has achieved numerous medical milestones, such as perform the first face transplant in Spain in 2009 and the first in the world including the tongue and jaw.

Doctor Pedro Cavadas, in LaSexta Moche.
Dr. Cavadas: “I have operated 10 or 12 people a day in Kenya”

In November 2006 he performed the first bilateral forearm and hand transplant from the country to a woman who had lived 28 years without hands. In 2008 he was able to carry out a transplantation of both arms to a 28-year-old patient above the elbow. It was the first in Spain and the second globally.

Another of his great milestones was in July 2011, when he performed the first bilateral leg transplant in the world at Hospital La Fe in Valencia. After several years reaping great successes in its operations, in July 2018 he operated on a patient who became quadriplegic at the age of nine and, for this, he carried out surgery to reconstruct a separation of the spine and pelvis by using bone from the fibula.