The resignation of Josep María Bartomeu and its Board of Directors en bloc leaves in the hands of a manager the management of the FC Barcelona. From now on, hers will be the responsibility of carrying out the club’s designs and calling an election process.

At the head of said board will be Carles Tusquets, who until now was the manager in charge of the club’s economic commission.

He has a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and a PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona, ​​”he is president of EFPA Spain (European Financial Planner Association), founder and president of the FIBANC Group (today Banco Mediolanum), he is a director of Banca Mediolanum (Italy), independent director of 3i (Great Britain), president of Inverco Cataluña and one of the members of the Advisory Committee of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) “, according to appears in the EFPA itself.

Tusquets was linked to the investigation of the Pujol case. The financier appeared in the case against the clan of the former president of the Generalitat, due to the links he had with Jordi Pujol Ferrusola around the swiss bank Pictet, and with one of its subsidiaries in Luxembourg, within the economic fabric of the clan.

The treasurer of the beginnings of Núñez

Due to his work at the head of a giant like Mediolanum, the Catalan financier has had a personal relationship with numerous top-level sports organizations. In fact, his presence as a culé manager has opened numerous doors for him and has served as a means of gaining business dominance. In 2019 he met with Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, to mediate a possible candidacy for the 2030 Barcelona-Pyrenees Winter Olympic Games.

“Sport has to be very involved in entrepreneurial civil society. I remember that the 1992 Olympics They were a brutal change for Barcelona. To achieve the nomination, civil society was involved in the search for votes and in the promotion of Barcelona, ​​it was an essential public-private collaboration to be able to organize the Games “, he explained in ‘Mundo Deportivo’.

As his business figure grew, at the age of 27 he became Barcelona’s youngest manager. He entered as treasurer of the board of Josep Lluís Núñez And he was in charge, among other things, of balancing the accounts for the signing of Diego Maradona in the 80s.