Who is behind the protagonist of Biohackers, the disturbing Netflix series

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Luna Wedler was born in Switzerland 20 years ago and with this role, of double identity, achieved her European consecration as a young actress. Her look at this science story that was enhanced by the pandemic.

Biohackers is the new German Netflix series that delves into the world of gene manipulation and the ethical limits of medicine. Its innovative and dark plot became a trend among Netflix users and raised the question about who is the young actress who gives life to the protagonist.

The script follows Mia Akerlund, a girl who begins studying medicine at Frieberg University and enrolls in the biology classes of Professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz). A highly recognized professional, but whose presence causes mystery and confusion. In fact Schwarz confessed that he was inspired by the posture of a Tyrannosaurus rex to move his hands and eyes.

Lorenz constantly urges her students to learn the benefits of synthetic biology and new developments. At first, Mia’s fascination with this character seems extremely innocent and she could become one of the many women who aspire to be like her.

However, with the passage of the chapters it is discovered that that girl with notorious abilities and committed to her career has a double identity with many questions you need to answer.

Luna Wedler is in charge of giving life to both sides of this coin. On the one hand, a student with great aspirations and, on the other, a girl who hides a traumatic past and wants justice or, rather, revenge.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, the 20-year-old performer is a star in Europe and now looking for a place in the intercontinental market.

Being an actress was never her dream, and she discovered her passion almost by chance. When she was 15 she did, as a youth entertainment, a casting for the film Amateur Teensby Niklaus Hilber and was selected. It was then that she discovered her passion.

He trained at the European Film School in Zurich and landed his first major role in Blue My Mind, in 2017.

The success of his performance was translated into great recognitions. She won the European Shooting Star Award in Berlin and the statuette for best actress at the Swiss Movie Awards. Since then, roles have not stopped appearing, most of them in cinema.

In 2018 he starred in the film The most beautiful girl in the world and was considered by critics as one of the great promises of acting, in addition to the fact that the press awarded him the movie title as nickname.

Your role in Biohackers is the first as the protagonist of a series. “When I got the call I was shaking. Today, many actors dream of working with Netflix. The platform is available in 190 countries, so rarely does one have such an international audience, “the actress told the site. World Today, days before the premiere.

Although in the miniseries he puts himself in the shoes of a girl with a passion for science who surprises her teachers with her advanced knowledge, Wedler’s reality is very far from that, since in school he excelled in sports and languages. She confessed that she did a lot of preparation to play Mia.

First I had to read about biohacking, then bodyhacking and then the difference between the two. I read the basics of medicine and watched a lot of documentaries. I am lucky that my father is a doctor, who even studied biology for a year: so I could ask him anything. That was very helpful“he said in an interview with the site Glamour.

Character and actress share a promising career. They both know what they want and persist until they get there. Further, the two insist on hiding their personal life. As the chapters go by, the viewer gets to know Mia’s family, however, there is no data on the actress’s parents or siblings.

On your Instagram account has more than 77 thousand followers and in none of his 105 photos does his family appear. Her wall is dedicated exclusively to the promotion of her work, photographic campaigns and some looks on the red carpet of different awards.

Biohackers it was released in August, 4 months later than planned. The decision was made by Netflix authorities, since they feared the plot would scare viewers amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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